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Help All Human Beings Who Lost Their Everything In Delhi Riots
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Hello All human beings,
We born as a human and died as human, no one is different here, we get the religion by our family but humanity is the religion which we all have from the time we born.
In last few days, too many things happened in Delhi, many houses burnt in the fire, many of human died because of this religious war ignited by the politics. Many children lost their parents.
I am not a rich human being, but I am able to gather all other human beings so that we all can get together to help others who being affected.
We will share all the videos and evidence to all our supporters, once I donate the money to the affected human beings. We want to help them, whatever money we will receive from all of other human being, we will add more into that and help them for getting some relief. If anyone want to join in this moment we are happy to take help. We will share all the evidence once we will give the money to all of them. Please please support them. 

Process for how the fund will be distributed

Presently, we are seven individuals who will manage all this campaign, we already been to the place where all this incidents happened and we also met the families who lost their loved once, belongings, homes and shops. 

Our campaign is not that big for helping all of them, but our aim is to help as many as we can and put a smile back to some of the families, if this campaign work wel,  we will plan for other campaigns. 

At initial stage, after we generate the enough amount of funds, we will go the affected places to do the assessment for how much they lost by meeting families or individual who need financial help. Our aim to help all the humans and we will not judge anyone by their cast, religion, sex or Gender. After doing the assessment, we will plan the funds distribution for them and for future evidence we will fill out the form which states that they receive the funds from us by particular mode of payment. We initially transfer all the funds via online methods, however those who do not have the bank account we will give them cash directly. Additionally, we will also make a small video to demonstrate that the funds reach to the needy people, we will use a Youtube channel to showcase the funds reach successfully, channel name is Goldy Singh (This channel will also help us to promote this campaign after it go live). 

Additionally, we will update more info in this campaign in future, it's a promise that we will distribute each and every single penny to the victims. Our aim to help them and give them little relief from our side to bring back normal life, do not know how many will trust us but honestly speaking we will deliver all the funds to the right people. We do not belong to any NGO and I do not believe in NGO, we all are Humans and we all need to be stand together to help the needy Humans. 

I do not know how many of you saw the riots place, but when we went, we saw hundreds of abandoned houses, gates were opened and no one inside, we need to bring them back and we need to make a unity to help them. 

Please support as much as you can, we promise we will do our best...

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