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“We went to a dance school, but they asked for monthly fees which we could not afford so we started learning on our own. And I thought if one day I become a good dancer, and I start teaching kids, I will never ask for any money.” 
says Lakhan, a Labourer by day and Dance teacher by night.

About Lakhan

Lakhan is 25yrs old. He has been living in Kajora, a small town in the Indian state of West Bengal known for its coal mines, for 15 years. He dropped out of school in the fifth grade because of financial problems and started working in a small Dhaba (restaurant). Now he works as a labourer in a steel factory in the region, helping to load and unload goods from transport vehicles. He earns a meagre Rs. 5000 (less than $60) per month to support a family of five, brother, mother, wife and two children – a son and a daughter.

Lakhan’s Crew

A self-taught dancer, Lakhan has been spotting kids in the neighborhood, inviting them to his team and training them for free for many years now. Over the past six years, Lakhan has taught about 40 to 50 children, training them in Hiphop, Contemporary and Bollywood dance. The children practise daily, have performed at various events, on regional TV shows, and have participated and won in several local, district and state level dance competitions. Incredibly, they win at least 10 to 15 prizes per year. Currently, he has a group of 15 kids aged between 8 and 14.
Not only has he achieved all this without charging a single rupee, but also without any sort of facilities whatsoever. The dancers have no space to call their own. They practice in a staff room of a High School in their neighbourhood: they have to move all the furniture in order to rehearse, and move it all back at the end of each rehearsal. There they have no padded floors, no mats: they practise all the acrobatics and power-moves in a sandpit. They have no laptop or internet facilities or a good sound system. They don’t even have proper dance shoes. But Lakhan has something money cannot buy. He has a dream,
“We want to establish our identity through our dance… We want to take dance to the next level.”

We share Lakhan’s dream.

Project Aims

Through this crowdfunding project we aim to raise enough money to provide Lakhan’s crew with some of the facilities they deserve and gift them a 3-month dance course with renowned faculties in India. With your generosity, we believe we can raise enough to buy dance shoes for the children, a laptop with internet connection and a reasonable sound system. The short course will be designed to introduce them to proper technique in various dance styles, which will enable them to be more efficient and use their bodies in a correct and safe manner, and most importantly, broaden their horizons. The details of the price breakdown of the commodities and the dance course is explained below.If we can achieve just these few things, we will begin to provide the children with something else that will also really help them: Visibility. From this initiative, they will achieve more visibility on a national and international platform. And with your support, they could be noticed by an individual or organization who would help them further and might be interested in inviting some of the dancers as part of a show, a studio or even a dance company. They might even be fortunate enough to receive a scholarship and a conducive environment for a formal dance education.
Lakhan and his crew have real talent, real commitment and real energy. They deserve a real chance.

Share the dream too!

Price breakdown

Total Expenditure :  Rs 210,000 ($3,100)
Commodities Expenditure : Rs. 50,000 ($775)
  • Laptop with Internet dongle  :  Rs. 20,000 ($310)
  • Dance Shoes (16 Pairs)            :  Rs. 25,000 ($387)
  • Sound System                            :   Rs 5000 ($77)
3 Month Dance Course 
Expenditure :   Rs 150,000 ($2,323)
  • Period     : January 2018 – March 2018
  • Schedule : 5 days * 2 hours per day : 10 hours per week
                 Total Number of weeks  : 13
                 Total number of classes :  65
                 Total number of hours   :  130
  • Remuneration for Teachers (Rs 1000 per class)     :  Rs. 65,000 ($1,007)
  • Travel, accommodation and food  (for 3 months) :  Rs. 85,000 ($1,317)

  • Teachers from all over India shall be invited for workshops (10hours per week) for Lakhan and his crew.  If we could manage a separate sponsorship, we will invite international faculties as well.
  • A new teacher shall be invited every week.
  • The entire course shall be Vlogged( Video blog) on YouTube to provide a closer look at their continuous progress through the 13 weeks of training.
  • The course would culminate with multiple choreographies – primarily Bollywood, Hiphop and Contemporary dance utilizing the technique and movement vocabulary acquired throughout the course. The videos shall be uploaded on the YouTube Channel.

Ask for an update
23rd April 2018
The 2nd Workshop is over, pictures and videos to be updated soon! The kids are responding really well to the new techniques and progressing at a good speed!
We have invited the 3rd teacher for the workshop, but unfortunately, run out of funds. However, Debayan is managung all the expenses from his pocket so that the kids continue to learn. So we had submitted a request for withdrawal if the remaining amount. Debayan was advised by the bank manager that there could be a problem with International transfer to his account, so we decided to do it in Lakhan's account. But Lakhan doesn't have a PAN number which is necessary for the withdrawal. So we had to use one of the crew members account who shall receive the funds.

The person whose account the funds are being withdrawn to is Anand Kumar Singh, one of the crew members.


18th April 2018
Dear Supporters,

Till now we have been going good with the support that we got from our donors. We have gifted the kids with the basic infrastructure they need for their art of dance to flourish. The details of the items/inftrastructure arranged for them are as follows:
1 ) Laptop - Rs. 28,990
2 ) Speaker - Rs. 4499
3 ) Mobile Phone - Rs.8990
4 ) Jio Sim (with internet connection) - Rs. 500
5 ) Train Tickets for 1st teacher- Rs. 3,100
6 ) 1 st Workshop fees ( by Purnendra Meshram for 02 weeks) - Rs. 10,000/-
7 ) Transportation in the city for the 1st teacher (02 weeks) - Rs.900/-
8 ) 2nd Workshop fees ( by Jayant aka Hotshot of 08 sessions) - Rs. 6000/-
9 ) Transportation in the city for the 2 nd teacher along with train tickets - Rs. 800 (as is estimated to be)
10 ) 3rd workshop fees ( by Bhushan Lal Sahu for 10 days) - Rs. 10,000/-
11 ) Transport in the city for the 3rd teacher (10 days) - Rs. 900 (as estimated)
12) Train tickets of the 3rd teacher - Rs. 3100 approx (to and fro as is estimated to be)
Total cost comes out to be  - Rs. 72,379.00
Out of this total cost, Rs. 56,979 have already been spent (Sl. No. 1 to 7). The rest amount (Sl. No. 8 to 12) is to be paid by the end of this month. The amount withdrawn earlier was Rs. 40,900/- approximately. The rest amount of Rs.16,000 was borne by Debayan Chakraborty himself apart from the accommodation and the food provided to the teacher. We have already posted our updates and pics regarding our first workshop teacher and the goods bought for the kids viz. the laptop, the mobile alongwith the sim and the speaker.
Now we would like to familiarise you all with the second workshop that has commenced recently. It is a streetdance workshop by Jayanta Samaddar aka BBoy Hotshot which will cover elements like breaking/bboying, popping and hip hop grooves.

Jayanta Samaddar a.k.a. BBoy Hotshot is one of the first generation bboys of India and the co-Founder of BreakGuruz Crew (estd. 2008) with an experience of over 10 years. He has won several battles nationally both as a bboy and a popper as well as judged and given workshops in various cities across India.
He is known for his flow and original style among the underground dance scene in India and has been featured in documentaries by Red Bull, worked with international projects with the American Embassy etc.

You can watch his videos on his channel -

Thank you so much for the love and support.
2nd April 2018
Dear Supporters,

We are planning for the second and third workshop, but unfortunately, we have run out of the limited funds we had withdrawn earlier. I had already posted the bills of the electronic items we had purchased, laptop, sound system and smartphone.

Below I post a summary of the other expenses as well including the travel and remuneration of the teacher.
1)Train tickets- Rs 3,100
2)Mobile - Rs. 8990.00
3)Speaker - Rs. 4499.00
4)Laptop - Rs. 28990.00
5)Jio Sim (with Internet connection) - Rs. 500
6) Transportation in the city (2weeks) - Rs. 900
7) Workshop Fees(2 weeks) - 10,000.00

  Total expenditure: Rs. 56,979

The amount withdrawn earlier was Rs. 41,000 approx. The excess amount was spent by Mr. Debayan Chakraborty himself apart from the accommodation and food which he also provided willfully for the teacher!

Since there is a lot of material to be compiled, it is taking us time to make another video for the workshops and the showcase. Below I post the pictures of Lakhan and his Crew with the gifts from all of you! You can see Mr Purnendra in the picture with the group.

They were overwhelmed with gratitude for every little contribution that you made to buy the laptop, smartphone, sound system and arrange for the Dance Workshops! (By the way, the L sign in the picture is for Lakhan :) )

Thank you!
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