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We all know about street dogs/community dogs. Almost more than 50 per cent of dogs who are living out on streets, roads, shopping complexes, on a flyover, railway stations are victims of animal abuse, hunger. So many dogs die on streets, on roads because of hunger, thirst, accidents, as people drive recklessly. Sickness and the list are endless.  This scenario has been for many many years. The adoption rate of Indian breed dogs is quite less. There is too much cruelty around. We are still struggling to get the Animal Welfare Act 1960 amended. Taking into consideration everything, drastic reform needs to take place in turning out the lives of community animals for the better.  Not only community dogs, cows, monkeys. Our animal kingdom is suffering silently as they cannot speak for themselves.

Hi everyone, my name is Bharti. I am the founder of Furry Doddos, a small initiative or effort from my end where I am taking care of close to 50 dogs on streets in Lucknow city. This initiative got started at the end of the year 2018 when a female dog crossed my path who was suffering from a tumour. At that point in time, I did not even have the awareness that it was known as a tumour. Earlier I had been feeding community animals but had never got touched so deeply by their suffering.  I rescued Doddo at the year-end of 2018; she was suffering from a vaginal tumour also known as Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor. She was very weak; the size of the tumor was quite big. Her hemoglobin was just close to 4 grams. I started feeding her and took her to the vet and  in sometime she recovered from that phase of sickness. She is the source of inspiration for Furry Doddos.
Slowly and gradually, started rescuing community dogs in pain. And this small family is now close to 50 dogs. Apart from feeding around close to 50 dogs one meal a day. Have helped dogs getting cured from various sicknesses in dogs like canine parvo. Have got dog’s sterlized, as at that time we did not have Humane Society International in Lucknow, who is helping community dogs now with animal birth control programme. Taking care of their vaccination. As vaccine is a must for each dog, to protect them from different forms of sickness like canine parvo, canine distemper, rabies and leptospirosis.
Our community animals are all on streets, roads, lots of places where there is no access to food and water at times. Their lives are full of challenges and hardships. They themselves search for food as God has blessed them with something called survival instinct. Community animals have no security at all on roads mainly from accidents. Their lives are exposed to threat and danger most of the times. God has blessed us with the powers of kindness and compassion to make their lives a little better and simple and by feeding, helping them in times of distress and sickness we can make their living on earth much better.
This journey started by taking care of a few streeties and slowly and gradually has reached out close to 50 dogs. I have been doing single handedly and now just cannot back off as they do wait for that one hygienic meal every day. Where they don’t have to put their mouths in a pile of garbage and trying to search for food themselves. I cook meals for these dogs everyday who wait for me at their respective points and shower their unconditional love just by wagging their tails. I have received support in forms of feeding from a few local and residential people who have been feeding community animals in case of my absence and really grateful and thankful to them.
I am running short of funds and need to reach out to a lot of sick and injured dogs. I need to treat dogs who are suffering from mammary tumors, severe skin infection like mange.  Recently a dog has been rescued who has been found suffering from canine distemper. To get her treated we need close to 18,000 as just the immunoglobulin injections cost us 7000. She is fighting for her life and is critical at the moment.
I plan to get a lot of dogs vaccinated. Just not rabies, 9 –in-1 vaccination.  Want to collar them with reflective collars to protect them from road accidents. By providing them with proper hygienic food and also purchase and stock medicines for them.  Till now Furry Doddos has got close to 35 dogs rescued. More than 15 dogs sterlized at private clinics - Jeev Basera SPCA NGO in Lucknow. Sponsored vaccination for more than 15 dogs. Dogs cured from tick fever and our most special doggo Hope who is a parvo survivor, accident survivor and now battling epilepsy. As the damage happened during the time of accident only. By Gods grace he has got saved but in last one and a half month   he  had 5 seizure attacks. And he is a fighter and is fighting the good fight and he is under medication. He is undergoing treatment at Aliganj Veterinary Clinic Lucknow.  This fundraiser is for the dogs that are under my care.  I have mentioned below how I would be utilizing the funds.
Utilization of funds
  • Treatment and medical expenses – 50, 000
  • Feeding and stocking medicines and reflective collars for dogs – 30,000

  • Cost of feeding dogs costs me around close to 7 to 8000 where I offer them cooked food, butter milk, biscuits, chapatti, eggs, wet dog food, chicken waste, fish and rice. Basic medicines like Negasunt powder, cypemetherin spray, cotton, and beta dine gloves, doxycycline,amoxycycline, and other medicines as prescribed by the veterinary doctor for the sick and needy animals and also not to forget the costs incurred for their transportation. .

  • Dogs get treated from the best veterinary doctors in Lucknow – Dr. V.K. Pandey, Dr. Saurabh Chaturvedi and Dr. S Khan, Dr. Pawan Sahu, Dr. Pankaj.
Small drops make an ocean. Any small contribution from your end would help us achieve our goal and help me help these pure and voiceless beings. This is our first fundraiser ever. Help me to make it a success. Christmas and New Year celebrations are coming. Please be a Santa Claus for our community dogs and help them live a life free from hunger and sickness.  Please follow Furry Doddos on Instagram and stay up to date.
I would also urge more and more people to come forward and adopt Indian breed dogs as pets. They do deserve a family. Lets unite together to end their misery and suffering.
@Furry Doddos.

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