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3 months ago on 19th of September, we received a call from a known volunteer in wildlife welfare about a Doberman spotted roaming around aimlessly in Kalwa, Thane for the last 4 to 5 days and was possibly injured. Our rescue team got into action and reached the spot immediately.

Upon arriving, we noticed that the dog was hiding under the car and wounded. After luring him out with food, we realised that one of his hind legs had a huge maggot wound, having already lost one of his toe. We immediately rushed him to our vet and got him treated.

Since then he has been to multiple foster homes, and over time, initially at a paid foster for the recovery phase, but we realised he had multiple issues other than the injury.
Firstly, with low platelet count which made him vulnerable to all sorts of infections. With consistent efforts, we got him treated and he recovered from that in the first phase.

Over the period of time, health wise he had one issue or another.

Very recently, he started vomiting the food that was given to him. Upon inspection, we realised that he is allergic to chicken and certain types of food. This prompted us to shift him to Hypoallergenic food.

The vet has consulted us to continue this food for the next 6 months. The 2kg bag of the same costs Rs.1530 whereas the 12kg bag costs us Rs. 7300.
For a diet of a large size dog like him it's too much to afford.

Over time, there have been various medical and food expenses, the total of which goes up to Rs. 1,50,000.

If you wish to know more about Chief or would like to meet him, connect us on +919324610601 |

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