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Support Us To organize Evening Study Centers In 20 Dalit Villages
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Teaching and learning with white chalk, books, notebooks, dusters, and blackboards has become outmoded and obsolete. In this fast moving digital world technology is integrated with traditional classrooms benefiting both students and teachers. Smart classrooms are the ones equipped with the latest technology like visualizers, interactive boards, amplifiers, speakers, podiums, microphones and much more. Learning is now becoming fun for students and less of a burden for teachers with the introduction of such digital classrooms.
Benefits of opting smart classrooms in the Evening Study Centers:
  • Flexibility in learning - It takes all kinds of students to make up a class. While some students understand and learn quickly, there are others who need repeated explanations. In such situations, smart classes come as befitting learning options. Students can learn from different forms of media, thus bringing a dynamic perspective to education.
  • Brings fun element to learning - A smart class is a manifest with a bunch of active students enhanced with interaction and inquisitive chatter prompted by technological tools.
  • Anytime access to online resources - Internet is a treasure trove of information to students. With the storage of data that corresponds to any subject in the world, a smart class can extract the potential of best online resources in learning as well as teaching.
  • Teaching becomes interesting - Smart classrooms allow the faculty to impart education using word documents, PowerPoint presentations, video screenings, audio sessions and also through images.  
  • Green environment - Learning without the use of paper, pen, printouts, and photocopiers means a smart class can pave way for a greener environment.
  • 1000 Dalit children studying 5th to 12th standards in 20 Dalit villages get involved and are stimulated to make use of the greatest number of senses in their learning process through the organization of Smart Classrooms
  • Each center will have 50 children – a roaster will be made for the benefit of 50 children coming in batches to the centers -  1hour per batch per day per batch of 25 children in 5th & 9th standards & 1 hour per day per batch of 50 children in 10th & 12th standards
Specific objectives:
To organize Evening Study Centers in 20 Dalit villages and make them all Smart Classrooms;
To create advancement in education systems;
To make better learning and understanding;
To make students learn their lessons in a smart approach;
To help teachers keep track of students;
To encourage informal learning;
To involve the School Management Committee in all activities concerning the project with emphasis on participation of the committee in maintenance of the Smart Classrooms
  • Formation of a Project Implementation & Monitoring Committee that will consist of representatives of the School Management Committee, parents and leaders of the project villages and leaders of women self-help groups – this committee will meet as often as necessary.
  • Identification and appointment of Caretakers of the Evening Study Centers, orientation training for the Caretakers
  • Setting up of Smart Classrooms – involves placing orders of audio visual materials, purchasing of all audio-visual materials and procurement of the same and keeping in place, carrying out electrical works, and dedication of the Smart Classrooms for the benefit of the children
  • Setting up a Reserve Fund through collections of donations from parents and philanthropic persons in the neighborhood for maintenance of the Smart Classrooms
  • Regular documentation & monitoring
  • Submission of project collection report & financial report and relevant photographs of activities to Donor.
Project Outcomes
Teaching provides first-hand experiences to children, as compared to traditional method of teaching. Smart methods will allow for greater participation of children and as a result learning becomes interesting.
  • Teachers in the 20 Evening Study Centers will develop a motivation to be always on the lookout for progressive methods of teaching and making use of interesting educational aids.
  • Learning process becomes interesting and children are able to interact with the teachers in meaningful ways and as a result learnt things are assimilated and learnt concepts and lessons become permanent
  • There will be sharing of information to other Dalit villages that could result in emulating the model
Monitoring & evaluation
A Project Implementation and Monitoring Committee will be set up with representatives from groups of participants – School Management Committee. This committee will meet as often as necessary to review the progress of the project from various angles and will suggest suitable suggestions and modifications for speedy and effective implementation of the project.
  • Day-to-day monitoring of the project will be the responsibility of the Project Holder. In this project this will be Mr. C.Elumalai – Director of Rural People’s Sangam (RPS)
  • The Implementation and Monitoring Committee will take on the responsibility of organizing the internal evaluation of the project. 
Evaluation will be on the overall process and structure
The success of different stages of the program
The impact of the program on the children
Information gained will be shared with the educational authorities, other self-help groups, parents of school students etc.
S. No.Breakdown of CostsAMOUNT IN INR
TotalRPSSchool Management
1CPU – 20 numbers50000000500000
2LCD projector – 20 numbers40000000400000
3Laptop – 20 numbers30000000300000
4UPS – 20 numbers  300000030000
5Scanner cum printer – 20 numbers12000000120000
6DVD Player -2020000000200000
7VCR -20 6000030000030000
8Laptop Cart-20120000200000100000
9White Board -20100000250002500050000
10Microphones -20 120000200001000090000
11Internet – for 20 centers per year   40000100001000020000
12Educational DVDs – one complete set for 20 schools 100000250001500060000
13Electrical fittings 20   200000200000
14Salaries of 20 Caretakers 5000 per Caretaker 100000x12moth1200000001200000
15Local travel, administration, documentation, reporting etc    750000075000
16Auditing and reporting    500000050000
$ 1381
$ 1052
INR 3225000 (US dollars $ 42763 only @ 76 rupees)

Funds will be utilized:
Secretary / Contact person Mr.C.Elumalai is responsible for implementing the project, finance control and reporting. And the reports of progress will be submitted once in three months. We welcome the appointment of donor monitor. The financial administration is done by the Treasurer of the Organization. The bank accounts operation is done jointly by the Secretary and Treasurer. For financial evaluation a Certified Independent Chartered Accountant will be appointed at the beginning of every financial year to audit the previous year financial transaction and providing Receipts and Payments Statement, Income and Expenditure Statement and Balance Sheet.
Name of the Bank
and Bank related details
Branch Code
Corporation Bank,
Vengikal Branch
Vellore Road,
Vengikal, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Pin 606604
Account Number520281000388292
Account NameRural People`s Sangam
IFSC Code                                         

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