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Help Us Build A Home For Abandoned Girls With Intellectual Disability!
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Sri Arunodayam’s New Home for Abandoned Girls with Intellectual Disabilities (ID)
About Sri Arunodayam
Sri Arunodayam as a home for abandoned children with intellectual disabilities (ID), came into existence in 2002 on account of the despicable practices of families abandoning their vulnerable children due to ignorance, poverty, social stigma, and a general lack of moral conscience that has never been justly disciplined through a strict moral code to safeguard our country’s most vulnerable citizens. Children continue to be found in public places such as hospitals, bus and railway stations, and even dustbins! The Departments of Social Defence and Social Welfare, Child Welfare Committees, and India's ChildLine are the conduits through which such children are brought to our home where they are nurtured, loved, restored to health, and rehabilitated.

Sri Arunodayam is one among very few “residential” homes across the country providing this service. Most homes act as day care centers funded by parents. Sri Arunodayam on the other hand, assumes life-long responsibility, nurturing these children in a safe and permanent shelter with nutritious food, medical aid, special education, physiotherapy, vocational training and related rehabilitative therapies. Thus, over the years, Sri Arunodayam has transformed into a “residential cum rehabilitation” home, providing holistic therapies to children, making them more confident and self-reliant.

Sri Arunodayam focuses on providing these children with five main Quality of Life (QoL) measures as mandated by the World Health Organization (WHO): (1) Medical care (addressing functional/organic limitations);  (2) Physical care (addressing physical performance/capacity through proven and tested physiotherapy methods); (3) Psychological care (addressing intelligence, aptitudes, interests, etc.); (4) Special Education (addressing personal, social and academic knowledge); and (5) Vocational Training (addressing skills, aptitudes, occupational abilities, etc.). Keenly aware that each area significantly impacts the overall QoL, Sri Arunodayam seeks to act as a conscientious parent and provide every opportunity for its children to enhance all areas of their life.

Since its inception, Sri Arunodayam has rescued around 350 abandoned children with ID, of which 89 have been reunited with their parents, especially as the organization believes that the family set-up is still the best environment for a child to grow up in. Every attempt is made to trace a child’s family, and repentant parents are counselled, guided, and supported to accept and nurture their children with a renewed sense of responsibility and respect.

For its outstanding work with abandoned children with ID, the organization was recognized as a Reception Unit by the State Government of Tamil Nadu in 2008 and continues to receive several humanitarian awards each year.

For more information on Sri Arunodayam’s many recognitions and accreditations, visit:
To know everything about Sri Arunodayam, visit:
About Sri Arunodayam’s ‘New Home for Girls’ Project
Abandonment and abuse of children in India is on the rise. Estimates say that India has over 12 million children living with disabilities. According to UN Enable, these children are at a 1.7 times greater risk of being subjected to some form of violence. CRIN says that 50% of children with a hearing impairment and 60% of those with an intellectual impairment are sexually abused.  Only 1% have access to school, and 90% will not survive past the age of 20!

With a growing percentage of abandoned children with ID in our country, duty bearers including our Government, Non-Government Organizations, local communities and citizens have the moral responsibility of protecting the rights of vulnerable children. Yet, despite several well-established national frameworks to protect them, these institutions have limited impact at ground level. Society’s failure to protect its children, especially the abandoned, has enabled the scourge of abuse, abandonment, and trafficking.

Sri Arunodayam receives around 20 requests a month for shelter, but as both our existing homes have reached full capacity, we are unable to accommodate more children. Yet, wanting to do our bit, we commenced the construction of a 13,168 sq.ft ‘residential cum rehabilitation’ home that will be able to shelter an additional 100+ children, by end 2021. This construction commenced on August 28, 2019 on Sri Arunodayam’s plot of land situated on the shore of a small lake at Kallikuppam, Kolathur. We are approaching corporates and HNIs to help support this critical work.

Our objective in building this new home is simple - we cannot save all the abandoned children with ID in India, or even in our own State of Tamil Nadu, but we want to save at least 100 more than we have today! Our foundation is built on humanitarian values that uphold the dignity and rights of such children and we want to provide them with the same opportunities that normal children receive, so that they too may experience content and purposeful lives. Although they may be abandoned by their families, they have inviolable fundamental rights. Our rehabilitation programs can help them become self-reliant, confident, and productive members of society.

Post construction, we will begin inducting 100+ new entrants as we work together with the Departments of Social Defence and Social Welfare, Child Welfare Committees and India’s ChildLine Services.

  • PROJECT COST (Construction)
Total Sq. Ft.Cost Per Sq. Ft. (in INR)Total Cost (in INR)
(Rupees Three Crores, Twenty Nine Lakhs and Twenty Thousand Only)
No.Project Activity/ComponentTotal Sq.ft.Amount (in INR)


First Floor
1Special Education Classroom 12500/- x 445 sq. ft.11,12,500
2Special Education Classroom 22500/- x 445 sq. ft.11,12,500
3Special Education Classroom 32500/- x 445 sq. ft.11,12,500
4Medical Stores2500/- x 114 sq. ft.2,85,000
5Doctor’s Consultation Room2500/- x 124 sq. ft.3,10,000
6Medical Treatment Room2500/- x 173 sq. ft.4,32,500
7Physiotherapy Room2500/- x 298 sq. ft.7,45,000
8Children’s Recreation Room2500/- x 230 sq. ft.5,75,000
9Staff Room 1 - (Physiotherapists)2500/- x 100 sq. ft.2,50,000
10Staff Room 2 - (Special Educators)2500/- x 93 sq. ft.2,32,500
AFirst Floor - Total Construction Cost61,67,500

Second Floor
11Children’s Dormitory 1 (Infirmary)2500/- x 445 sq. ft.11,12,500
12Children’s Dormitory 2 (Bedridden)2500/- x 445 sq. ft.11,12,500
13Children’s Dormitory 3 (Toddlers)2500/- x 445 sq. ft.11,12,500
14Children’s Dormitory 4 (Teenagers)2500/- x 336 sq. ft.8,40,000
15Children’s Dormitory 5 (Above 18)2500/- x 230 sq. ft.5,75,000
16Vocational Training Center2500/- x 298 sq.ft.7,45,000
17Pantry2500/- x 63 sq.ft.1,57,500
18Girls Dressing Room2500/- x 60 sq.ft.1,50,000
19Staff Room 3 – (Caregivers & Medical Staff)2500/- x 195 sq.ft.4,87,500
BSecond Floor – Total Construction Cost62,92,500
 Ground Floor  
20Children’s Dining Area2500/- x 2322 sq.ft.58,05,000
21Coffin/Quarantine Room2500/- x 54 sq.ft.1,35,000
CGround Floor – Total Construction Cost59,40,000

DTotal Construction Cost Of Essential Rooms
[A + B + C]

No.Other Essential Spaces Total Sq.ft.Cost
22Lift Lobby (Ground + 2 levels)2500/- x 201 sq.ft.5,02,500
23Lift (Ground + 2 levels)2500/- x 161 sq.ft.4,02,400
24Founder’s Room2500/- x 224 sq.ft.5,60,000
25Administrative Office Area2500/- x 160 sq.ft.4,00,000
26Materials/Store Room2500/- x 211 sq.ft.5,27,500
27Pantry Stores2500/- x 64 sq.ft.1,60,000
28Janitor’s Store Room2500/- x 26 sq.ft.65,000
EEssential Spaces – Total Cost:26,17,400
29Children’s Bath/Wash Rooms2500/- x 853 sq.ft21,32,500
30Staff/Visitor Toilets (1st Floor)2500/- x 625 sq.ft.15,62,500
31Staff/Visitor Toilets (2nd Floor)2500/- x 31 sq.ft.77,500
32Visitor Toilets (Ground Floor)2500/- x 96 sq.ft.2,40,000
FToilets/Washrooms – Total Construction Cost:40,12,500
GAdditional rehabilitative therapy spaces including specially constructed ramps, hydrotherapy units, specially built supervised play units, etc.78,90,100
HTotal Construction Cost of other Essential Spaces:                [E + F + G]1,45,20,000
100+ abandoned children with ID will have a safe shelter and environment in which they can develop to their fullest potential.
  • They will receive the best (1) healthcare, (2) nutrition, and (3) rehabilitation that we can provide, for their physical, mental, emotional and psychological wellbeing.
  • A safe haven that upholds and protects them and their rights
  • Be protected and get legal help and fair treatment in the justice system
  • Be provided an officially recognized personal identity by our Government
  • Receive rehabilitation therapies in special education so that they can be mainstreamed according to their capability
  • Receive economic support, life skills and vocational training so that they can be suitably employed according to their capabilities
  • Receive protection from any kind of exploitation from the working community into which they might be placed
  • Be free to have personal opinions that will be respectfully considered by the organization and its staff, and be free to participate in making decisions that affect their wellbeing, as they mature
  • Galvanize the local community to get  more involved in the lives of the abandoned
  • Change societal mindsets and promote a more ‘inclusive’ environment for the disadvantaged
  • Scrutinize and implement child sponsorship opportunities as per legal diktats
  • Educate school and college going children concerning the preventable nature of ID and their role in ending its perpetuation
  • Galvanize local governing body support
  • Create employment opportunities for skilled community members through sensitization programs

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