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Support To Provide Books For poor English medium Schools For Education
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Hi My Name Is Shaheen Shaik and I am from Hyderabad, Telangana and I am raising funds to Provide Books For minorities, Anganwadi, poor English medium Schools For quality Education.

Foundation Course Books Level 1 and Level 2 activity-oriented,
concept-based books for primary classes 1 & 2.

“FOUNDATION COURSE Level 1 & Level 2” for the students with English, Maths, and EVS learning at the primary level aims to provide a broad learning experience and encourages a rich variety of approaches to teaching and learning that cater to the different needs of individual children.

The objective of these “FOUNDATION COURSE Level 1 & Level 2” books is to help the students with poor reading and writing skills to learn at various grade levels.

It’s never too early to start teaching courteously and these books are perfect for medium change learning children.

The aim of having this kit is to expose the child to an exciting and wonderful world of learning.

 Children are encouraged to develop cognitive skills like memory, attention, brain processing speed mostly associated with learning and problem-solving.
 Our kit recognizes that a firm foundation at this level will help the child progress through succeeding educational stages with ease and confidence.
The thematic approach of learning makes the learning for children more interesting and long-lasting.

Foundation course content: Level -1

English activity book –

1. Writing patterns- standing/slanting/sleeping lines/curves/U Curves/action words.

 2. English activity book -2 Alphabets “A-G” with activities like matching, circling, writing, and coloring of pictures related to alphabets “A- G”

3. English activity book -2(contd) Concepts like ‘up & down/long & short/parts of the body/coloring/matching/curves.

4. English activity book -3 Alphabets “L-Z” with activities like circling, matching, writing, and coloring of pictures related to alphabets “L –Z”.

5. English activity book -4 Small alphabets “a-k” with matching the pictures, the coloring of the pictures, circling, drawing the pictures associated with alphabets Aa to Kk.

6. English activity book -5 Small alphabets (contd)… ‘Mm to Zz” associated with various activities like matching, drawing, circling, and coloring of the images related with the alphabets “m –z”.

 7. Maths activity book -1 Mathematical concepts like –same & different, big & small, tall & short, up & down, more or less, full & empty, inside & outside. Shapes – circle/square/rectangle. Fun with patterns. 

8. Maths activity book -1 Numbers from 1 -5. Count and write, circling identical figures, matching the sets, Sequencing the pictures in order.

9. Environmental awareness activity book -1 Fun with poems. All about me. Parts of my body –drawing & matching. Good habits, cleanliness. Colors orange, pink, brown, white, black. My family.

10. Environmental awareness activity book Fun with poems. How we travel, Fruits, Vegetables. Identifying the fruits, circling & coloring the vegetables, Community helpers Pet animals Farm animals, Sea animals Birds, and Seasons.
11. Art & Craft book Fun with patters Fun with shapes –circle, square, rectangle, triangle My family Traffic lights Fingerprinting, vegetable print.

Coursebook Contents in the foundation  book -2

1. English activity book -1 Recap of alphabets “a-z”, POEM, Introducing “at” words “an” words. Circle the correct word Fill in the missing letters, Name the picture Passage comprehension Rhyming words, Tick the correct sentence, CONCEPT –One –many.

 2 English activity book -2 Introducing: it” words,” in” words,”IP” words. Name the pictures, Introducing “ing” words, Rhyming words Unscramble the words, Passage comprehension-“To the zoo”. Action words Name the picture Choose the correct word. 

3. English activity book –3 Poem Name the pictures VR1 ENTERPRISES Page 4 of 6 Missing letters, Read the sentences Fill in within/on/under words Picture comprehension ”playing at the Park” “At the beach”.” Bedtime”. Creative writing, Unscramble the sentences, Passage comprehension Introducing “ug” & “un” words
4. Math activity book -1 Missing numbers Concepts –big & small, tall & short Shapes – square/rectangle/triangle/oval/star/diamond. Ones and tens, Number building Concept –More or fewer Number names Before and after numbers. Numbers 1-10,11-20

5. Math activity book -2 Numbers 21-30 Concepts –long & short Number building, Addition stories, Number names from 11-20 Before and after numbers
6. Math activity book -3 Before & after numbers Concept – left & right, heavy & light Subtraction stories Simple subtraction sums.
7. Environmental awareness activity book -1 In the classroom My school bag –scientific vocabulary Parts of the face, Parts of the body, Five senses, Community helpers, Land transport, Air transport, Water transport, Primary colors/Secondary colors

8. Environmental awareness activity book -2 Fruits, Vegetables. Circle the fruits & vegetables. Sea animals, Farm animals –Goat/sheep Cow/horse Hen/duck/ Animals and their babies. Pet animals –dog/cat VR1 ENTERPRISES Page 5 of 6 Air/sources of water/uses of water. Plants –parts of the plants level 1,2,3.
9. Environmental awareness activity book -3 All about India National animal, bird, fruit, flower Rulers of India, Weather-cold, foggy, windy, stormy Seasons-summer, Rainy, Winter, Day and night National symbols of India Landmarks of India.

Each rupee counts no matter what life is to be saved so it's everyone's responsibility, Your Small Help Can save his life.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to me to have your support. Please come forward to support my cause. Any contribution will be of immense help.

Utilization Of Funds
1).PROJECT TITLE-Foundation Books 1&2

2)AGE - 4 to 6yrs.


4) Curriculum Developer- Mrs. Shaheen Shaik

5)Beneficiaries-5000 children.

6)Type of schools-Poor English medium Minority /Anganwadi/Madarsa/Basthi schools/Tribal Schools.

7)Manpower- Project Head/TOT/Coordinators/Counsellors

8)Objective -Our team visited various different level schools in and around rural and slum areas/Tribal area schools and found children without proper books and study material. Being an Educationist, on a pilot basis, I along with my team prepared Foundation course books for Kindergarten children to develop quality education among the children in order to eradicate illiteracy and make their foundation strong in the Educational sector with activity-based learning books.

9)Motto- Our motto is to develop the students to grass root level so that these books are benefitted from tender to tiny children.

10). Total Cost of the Title- Approximately Rs.48,52,000/- including Printing/Supplying of books which includes Transportation & Teacher training.
This Complete amount will use for printing the books and distributing them to Govt Schools 

Funds Utilization


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