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Support me for my Commercial Pilot Training
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Hello, My Name is Barman Amlan Kargil, I am from Guwahati, Assam. This fundraiser has been initiated by myself with the hope of collecting Funds for my pilot training.
Please stick for a few minutes so that I can give you my entire story.

My dream of becoming a pilot was planted in my mind at a very young age, at some point in our lives we all get fascinated by the sound of the aircraft flying above us, isn't it?
But a lot of us grow and some don't so they still stick with their childhood dream of becoming a pilot, like me.
I started my online search about carrying out my studies in the year 2014 when I was in 9th. With that small keypad Nokia, I searched as much as I could to get started with my journey, as of then the information we're not very clear, it said 20 lakh only, and also if I take a loan I will not be asked for any collateral.

I did my 10th, did my 12th with PCMB. Technology got advanced, I figured out that 20 lakh is not enough, 20 lakh is not even 50% of the expense of the course. I contacted different student pilots, to be honest, all over the world for different rates, time periods, job guarantees.
I figured it out, I am going to get a degree, do a side job, raise a lot of money and I will pursue my dream.

The training amount required was around -
30 - 35 lakh For Commercial Pilot License(CPL)
at max 25 lakh For Type - Rating
 ( I have not even included the amount for -Theory Classes, Accommodation, exam fees)
Now, I know you don't know what a Type Rating is -
A type rating is training for big aircraft, in a CPL you learn to fly small aircraft (Single engine, Double Engine), in Type Rating you are taught how to fly JUMBO JETS, in a simulator.

Okay, back to me. As planned, I opted for Bachelor's in Physics with the main target that I will have 3 Years to accumulate enough money. That enough is 20 LAKHS.
I didn't know how, but I started working as a Skating Coach, here. In the year 2019, everything started well, I managed to get more than 1 lakh (Debt to others included) within a year. And then, COVID happened.

Now, the thing is I belong to a middle-class family, and my father is also into sports, and we have absolutely no side income.
As lockdown happened, slowly my savings started going down.
And, I don't want to keep you blind, I did try crypto in November 2020, to leverage my income, I was desperate, I was obsessed to build an amount to fund my dream. And as any crazy man would know, I got some setbacks in crypto, and I am still hanging to it.
I was not sitting helplessly, I was constantly trying, I learned Copywriting, the market has huge possibilities, but in India, it is not much developed, outside India, they want native speakers.
I started learning Trading, with literally 4000 on hand, and around 15K on crypto, with no job, it does feel helpless sometimes.

But I am not giving up, and the fund part from my family, I asked for a 20 LAKH from my Dad.
I am not sure if he will be able to manage it, but he did buy some plots to sell it when I need the money, which then again deletes the option of taking loans from Banks with Collateral.

A little bit more, thanks for sticking,
I am a sports person, I play RollBall, It's an Indian Born Game, I played 2 International, I really hoped the government will at least give me something for it,

Even 1 LAKH each, would have been a blessing.
I got only 19 thousand.
But who's complaining, at least for that I had a job as a coach.

Lastly, I am not the brightest kid in the room, but I am gritty.
I took maths in 12th, without it I can't pursue my training.

Our teacher left in between, XD.
I was the only kid with maths in my class of 25 students, our course wasn't even half complete, and I had tuition with the same teacher, He was good no doubt but he couldn't complete my course and had lots of punctuality issues.
I was dead scared, because I left Bio midway voluntarily, to focus on maths, and now with this happening with maths? And the worse part was I failed my Pre-Boards on Maths, lmao.
That was on February first week, scored 29/100.
The boards were in March, You can understand the feeling, right?
With around 17 marks of the syllabus not touched, I managed to pull that off.
I scored 75/100.

I will do it despite the challenges, but honestly, this feels helpless, but with your support maybe not.

I will be blessed if you can help me out.
Thank you.

We can always talk, ping me up at Instagram (kargilcopywrites)
Thanks once again.
Stay Happy and blessed.

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