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Education & Resource Center For Tribal children
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Introduction of the Project:
“Serving the community without getting in return is such a benevolent act. Putting up an organization by pooling resources is another humble action. Encouraging other people to do the same is such a remarkable deed.” By keeping this, and the needs of the project area, in mind, Global Tribal Mission, an NGO working for the development of Tribal children in the Hilly area of YATHAVAKILLA of Nalgonda Dist, would like to start an Education & Resource centre for the Tribal children in hilly area.
As all know, the Tribal children are vulnerable to the access of knowledge, education and other services.  Many of them are migrated from other parts of the country; they suffered a lot without having the proper shelter, job, and other basic needs.  The status of Tribal children is worse than anyone.  They are often neglected the opportunity for education, and if they got admission in schools also, their house and the surrounding environment is not a good atmosphere to study.  If they wish to go for tuition or any coaching class, it is expensive and they were not affordable for that. As most of the parents are illiterate, the students studying now in this area are first generation learners and they have no one to motivate them to go school. Their socio, religious, and community holdings on Tribal children in education especially girls are vulnerable to study and go to school. The poor environment leads them to unhealthy, and the fight for basic needs everyday like water, housing, toilet facilities demotivate the Tribal children from concentrate on education. Hence there comes a need for a resource centre.  Global Tribal Mission plans to start a new project based on this need in mind, “Education & Resource Centre for the Tribal children”. The following pages explain the need & process of this project.
Education & Resource centre of Global Tribal Mission will be a place where, the small Tribal children can play with toys and colleagues; students can study and do home work at evening; students, youth and adolescent can access computer and internet, newspaper, books and get educational guidance; adolescent girls and women get educational, emotional and legal guidelines for their problems and get skill development; counseling for Tribal children, youth and parents; to community people get legal guidance.
our project
We consider the Nature as the ideal teacher for any being in this universe and we do give utmost importance to the surrounding environment. The proposed GTM school that is going to be establish at Yathavakilla village (Mattampally Mandal) which is at about 200km distance from Hyderabad city, in a stretch of 1 acres land to meet the educational needs  students in the age group of 5-16 years in a phased manner. The entire setting would be in the lap of nature so that student can integrate into the environment and develop an attitude of dynamism and at the same time accommodative which are the inherent characteristics of Nature. We Endeavour to create an atmosphere where in the child feels openness against that of the stuffiness which is the status of 90% of the schools.
I. Project Details:
Project Name:  Education & Resource Centre for the Tribal children.
Project Purpose:  
The main goal of this project is to provide an access for information, knowledge updating, recreation, good study atmosphere, computer literacy, and career, educational, emotional and legal guidance to the underprivileged Tribal children, students, adolescent girls, youth, women and senior citizens of the slum area.
3. Project Goal:
To establish a Tribal children Resource Centre in YATHAVAKILLA area.
To create a space for adolescent girls & women for educational and emotional guidance.
To avail the computer internet access for Tribal children.
To guide & counsel the students for higher education and employment opportunity.
To make the Tribal children & community more informative & update about the out world.
To give legal guidance for community people.
4. Project location – Demographic Data of the serving area. :
YATHAVAKILLA  area is the part of Nalgonda Dist. This is one of the largest hilly area in Nalgonda Dist.
Having population of around 40,000 in the area . The area is divided in to 12 to 15 pocket. Maximum habitants are migrated from different part of India.  And came to Nalgonda Dist to fulfill basic needs as it was difficult in their villages or towns. Here either they will start leaving in rental shelters, or bought them with high prize./Sometimes that is unauthorized and without permission of government. This area was once tribal population is more and some pockets were Hindu, a small ratio is of christen population is also there. Family type is mostly nuclear and size is more than 6 members. Shelter size is very small 10 by 10 is bigger room. No sunlight and fresh air. Drinking water facilities are very poor and Tribal children are also included in this activity. The water quality is worst and Electricity is available but as it is illegal due to fear of electricity board it cut many times. As the shelter is very small, there is no facility for bathrooms or toilets in the houses. Available services were paid services which are insufficient and improper. Regarding the parents’ occupation, mainly are labour workers, plus a few work as carpenters, tailors, taxi driver, manual workers and small venders. Women are engaged in both with household work and sari work on export garments, and some were domestic workers, few are working in small scale industries. Tribal children play important role in as assistant of parents, they use to engage themselves or forcefully said to work inside home, and girl child has to take care of smaller one. Few adolescents are seen as working in hotels, tea stall or tailoring shop assistants, garage worker - car washing, sewage cleaning, etc.
5. Project Target groups/ main participants / beneficiaries:
The project is mainly aims at the Tribal children living in YATHAVAKILLA , Nalgonda Dist area, who don’t have access for information, knowledge updation, study facility in their houses, educational guidance, computer knowledge and career development opportunity.  The main participants are Tribal children of the project area, school, and college going students, job seekers, adolescent girls, women and senior citizen.
6. Activities of the Project going to carry out:
  • Existing Resource Centre:
  • Computer and Internet access: (for students & all)
  • Library & Tribal children books: (for small Tribal children)
  • Newspaper & Books reading Facility:
  • Evening study centre: ( for school going Tribal children)
  • Education & emotional guidance (for adolescent girls & women)
  • Legal guidance: ( for community people)
7. Need of this project in this area:
  • The house structure of this slum is averagely 120 sq. ft with 5 members each in a house.  It is highly impossible for the students to study, discuss, or to do their home work. They need a space to study and do their home work.
  • An important point which makes the Tribal children or students’ poor performance is the poor environment of their house and area.  Most of the houses are situated in between the drainages; near garbage and some of the parent of the Tribal children are drunker and the disputes of neighborhood.  Hence there comes a need for a place which facilitates them for do their home works and study. In a survey of 1800 Tribal children from YATHAVAKILLA Area, Global Tribal Mission found that only 4.5% of Tribal children who were of school-going age did not attend school. This shows that while there is a greater awareness that Tribal children should be sent to school, the key challenge is ensuring that the Tribal children stay in school and receive better education. 
  • In the modern age, any information will be attained by internet. Computer access is essential for searching institutions for higher study or searching jobs or to know any policy or service, or to find their results, or getting more notes on the subjects for students.  When anyone wants to access internet, they have to pay some amount per hour. Not only that in the near by area of this slum there is no computer centre and their poor economic status prevent them going faraway or paid internet services.  Hence the Tribal children, youth, women and students of this area need the computer internet facility to use.
  • In YATHAVAKILLA  slum area, the small Tribal children come from the school at evening they usually play in garbages and nearby drainages and get diseases. If they wish to enjoy their evening with toys and with their colleagues, they need a place which should be free, clean, and having toys or game instruments for Tribal children. But in YATHAVAKILLA , there is no place for it. Thus there comes a need for a place to play.
  • The people in this Hilly area don’t have the practice of reading newspapers.  Some of the senior citizens only have the practice of reading that also they find in shops or hotels.  But if they get free newspaper service which they can read relax and discuss the issues with their colleagues, it will make them more happy and if we keep the news papers in Resource centre, the Tribal children, youth and women who comes this centre will read and create a practice of reading.
  • The people in this area often affected by girl child trafficking,illiteracy, no IT literacy, No Library, Girl child selling etc.  Though they urge to plead for it, they don’t know how to face these problems legally.  If they get a legal consultancy or guidance, they will make use of it and protect their human rights.
  • The adolescent girls and women have no space to spend their time especially to get educational guidance or to do their home work, or get health guidance and to get legal guidance for their problems which they face in their area.
  • When we analyze all the above said points, we can clearly know that the Resource centre will be alternate solution for this and that is the expectation of the people of this area.
Budget for Education & Resource Centre for Tribal children project - 1 year 
S. NoparticularsPer unit /month Rs.Total         Rs.
1Resource centre

2Toys Library & Tribal children books

Toys purchase300036,000

Tribal children'  books & resource material300036,000
3Newspaper & books

Newspaper purchase (3 per day)100012,000

Books purchase500060,000
4Administrativ expense

Resource centre facilitator salary8,00096,000

5Legal guidance

Legal advisor's honoroium6,00072,000
6Counselling/ Emotional guidance

Counsellor's salary500060,000
7Computer Education

Computer teacher salary5,00060,000

Construction Cost School ,Class rooms, Library, Activity hall Toilets, Office room.
Total cost for School

Total cost.15,00000

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