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We believe that a KIDS’s imagination is a right and not a privilege. And, if we don’t fight to protect it, the next generation (of women and men) will suffer.

As we like to say, the future is spelled K I D S
Imagination and its partner in crime, creativity, are critical components of non-cognitive skills which research shows are greater indicators of future success than, even, IQ. Qualities like tenacity, optimism, self-expression, curiosity, empathy and self-confidence are developed and strengthened through creativity and imagination.
By exercising their imaginations, Kids become more comfortable with risk and failure, develop a stronger sense of self and, in turn, overcome social, cultural, political and physical obstacles, with optimism and confidence.
Arts instruction in schools is on a downward trend. Just when they need it most, the classroom tasks and tools that could best reach and inspire these students – art, music, movement and performing – are less available to them.

To change the face of education we suggested we look into these magical skills. They matter. BIG TIME. Forget about their impact on future success (academic, economic, social) or that they directly contribute to teens finishing high school. These skills can help in closing what has been coined the Confidence Gap in KIDS. Sorry, not close… eliminate.

Think of imagination and the resulting non-cognitive skills as preventative medicine. Kids who are fortified with optimism, self-confidence, curiosity and tenacity.

We “a group of passionate people who are obsessed with art” are trying to bring a little change with our efforts in the lives of the less privileged kids from slum areas of Mumbai.
MAUKA “an opportunity to youvart” is the month long art camp for the underprivileged kids studying in the different municipal corporation’s schools in Mumbai. We have associated with 5 schools in Mumbai; out of which 2 in kurla and 3 in lower Parel.
We have designed a month long program for the kids of these schools on daily basis. The program consist workshops on dance, music, painting, sketching, craft, Acting, Modeling, Singing, mental health, hygiene and physical health.
Team of more than 100 artists from various backgrounds will be working closely with these kids to empower the change in their skills level.
The Program will have 25 sessions (2 hour/session) in each school every day.
A showcase opportunity of the talent will be provided to these kids on the final day. The kids will have a chance to  win many exciting prizes and future opportunities.
We are purely extracurricular and a complement to Kids’ education. As we like to say, Mauka is less education reform and more entertainment reform.
Mauka is a place where Kids decide how and when to learn

With this program approximately 1000 kids will be benefitted at first phase from 5 different schools.
The funds will be needed for art supplies, books, electricity, rent and fees of the teachers.
Art Supplies: Rs. 1,00,000
Travel and Food (for trainers and kids): Rs. 1,00,000
Prizes: Rs. 50,000
Other Expenses: INR 50,000
The team

We are a group of 5 artists trying to use our artistic skills to empower kid.

A Note to all Donors, This money goes 100% to the program “MAUKA” that will engage hundreds of kids over the year. Your donation directly supports all the infrastructure reaching and developing these kids and communities and creating social impact to support underprivileged communities.

We will be updating to all of our supporters about the development we make from time to time.
No amount is too small. If everyone reading this message makes a small donation even we’d reach our goal very soon!

We are passionate about nurturing and building a better artistic ecosystem and with your support, we'll get where we want to be in an accelerated way.

Please take one minute to support our work and growth in 2019.
Please donate and invite others to join you.

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