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Health Care Support For Tribal Hamlets
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Rs 292.36 INR / $4 can provide healthcare for 1 individual for 1 year who otherwise has to rely on unsafe old practices.

Cause: Health care for 5500 tribal/Adivasi indigenous people from 31 tribal hamlets in Telangana/Chattisgarh border.
Cost Estimation : 292.36 INR  For each Individual per year (Cost break down listed in details)
Team :   Indigenous Development Organization


Basic health care should be a right for every citizen irrespective of their place of birth, residence or any other factor. But unfortunately for many tribal/adivasi fellow citizens this is still a dream and have to rely on natural old superstitious healing practices which are putting them at great risk. One such group is Guthikoya tribes residing in hamlets in deep forests of Bhadradri Kothagudem district located near the border area of Telangana and Chattisgarh states.

Indigenous development organization is a group of passionate doctors and volunteers who are providing healthcare , nutrition and educational needs for almost 31 hamlets (out of total141) serving around 5500 people since early 2017.  Infant deaths, severe malnutrition are biggest challenges along with lack of basic health care and other basic needs. Presently these issues are addressed by team I-DO by organizing frequent medical camps, distributing protein powder, vitamin/nutrient supplements and other programs as needed. Along with health care , bridge schools, drinking water needs are also addressed by team I-DO. These operations are funded through support by individuals/groups. In recent times the support has dried up due to covid and other factors which is putting these operations at risk. The impact of lack of support can lead to deaths (malnourishment, snake bites, viral fevers…) and poor health of the people of these hamlets. Along with regular medical camps some unexpected emergency medical needs are also addressed by I-DO team by administering the first aid and transporting the patients to nearby government hospitals as needed. Average cost for health care per individual /year is Rs 292.36 INR and we need support for 5500 individuals. The cost breakdown for this is as listed below. Over the last few years I-DO team was also able to get ration cards/identification cards to 20% of them, rest of them all are still undocumented tribals/adivasis with no support in any form from governments. A thesis (Case study + research) is also underway regarding the malnourishment crisis and how it can be averted through intervention of protein based diet backed by the proof of concepts from the past few years. Plan is to document the work done by I-DO in the past few years and present it to respective officials to alert them about the much needed intervention of government to implement longterm sustainable solutions.

Cost Breakdown per person per year:

* 1 Doctor 1 Nurse & 2 Community health workers: 192 per person/year

* Fuel & vehicle maintenance: 43.64 per person/year

* Driver: 39.27 per person/year

* Medicines & investigation: 17.45 person/year

# Total healthcare cost  per person per year : 292.36 INR. 

Request to all friends to spread the word to individuals/groups/communities/organizations who may possibly support this campaign. As always any suggestions/ideas/advices are always welcome. Below are few url’s about few activities about I-DO work.

Health camp:

Protein powder program:

Drinking water Program:

Education support:

Results of Intervention:


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