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Before starting my story I wanted to express a few words on my life that I am intrested in making movie and I hope that govt will support me in this work. Long years a back I lost my mother and father who was supporter of my well being, after their loss I shattered in the sorrow,their was no moral support and financial support so that I can live my life and achieve to my goals.So from that very day I decided to earn some money howsoever I completed my 12th and quit my studies and started searching for a job so I can work on this movie but I am financially weak.In India many of us are dealing with same condition of my life and I am one of them so I thought that Govt will help me with some donations so that I could not sufferand I can fulfil my parents dream.So here movie script starts...........



Long time ago, not on Earth but on another planet where the life of the human beings exist.Their lived a group of poor people who was not having good lifestyle they somehow earn their livings by doing various activities.They worked day and night and they lived very happily and their moto was only helping each other in every condition.They used to share and donates in charity although they were poor.So one day, their people decided that we will keep one bowl in every morning and everyone will deposit 1 rupee coin in that and in the night we will calculate the money and we will distribute who really have a need or those who are in trouble all were agree to this.So they started doing this and it really brought happiness in everyone's life.It was going very peacefully by doing this daily little povert was removing at some extent.One day what happen on the Earth one person named was Rajeev and he decided  to have a ride that what is happening around the Earth and on another Planet so while he was having a ride he reached to another planet and their he became little sad that here is so much poverty people are struggling so much to earn their living but they are still so happy how? This question most of the time troubles the Rajeev,so he decided to stay one day at anyones house to see that how people survive.So he stayed and watched the activities after so many povert still people lived very happily and the enjoyed their lives.In the morning he saw that everyone is ready to work and he saw the one rupee system.For one visit Rajeev got to knew that charity is the real happiness.
Rajeev travelled to the Earth and was very upset lookin the situation of Earth.He started comparing and reached to the conclusion that on Earth every kind of person are living either rich or poor but they are not happy,they are suffering from pain,quarreling with each other and this was not their they lived soo happy and peacefully.So Rajeev decided to discuss the situation with Govt in a hope that Govt could provide little help although they did not required but Rajeev wanted to help.In the next morning he went to the govt and he told the situation and condition of the people by hearing this Govt wanted to help and he send the help to that people and they were very happy and started leading a comfortable life.


With this script we can convey at last of the story charity really wins because we should always donate to the needy people who are in need those who cannot afford that is the real happiness in everyone's life and by doing this God provides us everything.Poverty can occur anytime anyday it is not decided but how we overcome the situation that matters alot because in todays life every one needs money to carry out his her living so by helping any person will get the real happiness.


This movie creation needs lots of money for arranging the location where we can carry out the script need some costume for specific person, hiring the person who can perform best acting and who really requires money we have to pay all of them.In this script we will take needy person who is need for money and who can do the best acting like this we can give employment to some people for a shorter time so this to solve everything and reach to our target we require donation.Have trust this money will not be wasted.

I hope by reading this script Govt will not deny in donations and you will give a full support so I can fulfill my dreams. I would be very thankful if you will support me for completing this movie So I can give this message to all by creating this movie.

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