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Pause, Reflect, Explore, Repeat!
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Pause. When there are unaddressed feelings and thoughts
Reflect.On your feelings,thoughts and actions
Explore.The options
Repeat.The steps

Shahid Shaikh:
We have begun discussing topics for community research in Service Learning Program at our partner school, Mohili Mumbai Public School with 7th-grade students. We started with exploring our "why", the purpose of taking on a project. Many of my students were struggling as they tried to reason out. Suddenly, one of them jumped and said, "मुझे कचरे पर काम करना है।" (I want to work on the issue of garbage)

I asked, "क्यों?" (Why?)

"जहाँ पर हम रहते हैं वहाँ एक ही कचरे का डिब्बा है। और वो मेरे घर के सामने ही है।  मेरे एरिया के सारे लोग वहीँ कचरा फेंकते हैं, और कई बार वो ओवरफ्लो हो के नीचे गिरा रहता है। उसकी वजह से बहुत बीमारियाँ होती हैं।" (There's only one garbage bin where we live. That too is kept in front of my home. Everyone from my community throws their garbage there and it overflows. So many diseases spread because of that)

"क्या किसी ऐसे जन को बिमारी हुयी है जिसे तुम जानते हो?" (Do you know any one person who has fallen ill?"

"पहले मेरे भाई को डेंगू हुआ उस कचरे की वजह से.... और फिर मुझे।" (First my brother got Dengue and then I did.)

He paused and then shared again, "हमारे एरिया में पहले भी इसके लिए कैंपेन निकाले गए... हमने वहाँ के नेता से एक्स्ट्रा डस्टबिन की मांग की। पर अभी तक डस्टबिन नहीं मिला। वो बोलते हैं ये लम्बा प्रोसेस है। मुझे पता लगाना है की इतना टाइम क्यों लगता है कोई अच्छा काम करने में। मुझे इस लिए इस मुद्दे पर काम करना है।" (We have done this campaign earlier. We went to our local politician and asked for extra dustbins. But we haven't got it yet. They say it's a long process. I want to find out why does good work takes such a long time. That's why I want to do this project.)

Pallavi Raikar:
Many of the students in my class had been using words that are of could be called slang or swear words to express their anger to their friends. Many of those words were being addressed towards a particular gender. It became a problematic situation when children on whom those words were being used started expressing their dislike and discomfort about the same. That particular day there was a heavy exchange of those words. So we facilitators felt the need to have a pause and have a conversation around this . Here is how the conversation went started a conversation about what are the actions that hurt our body and what are the words and actions that hurt the heart. Some said words said out of anger, loud volume. Eventually, a child mentioned 'Gaalis'.We then made a mind map of all the gaalis we know about. Children who were giggling at first freely started expressing the gaalis that they know and from where they heard it. In the end, we came to a question about who amongst us likes to hear these words. Each one witnessed that none of their friends like it and nor do they and so the question came down to if we know that no one likes hearing it at all what is making us give that gaalis. The initial session plan was completely gone out of the window, but it was one of the most enriching experiences for us as facilitators since we felt there was at least some amount of safe space created and we were amazed at the ability to think critically and reflect on their actions. It is a discussion we will cherish.
P.S -The amount of slang words exchanged has reduced significantly in class :)

In the experience of being facilitators in a learning space where mental health holds the utmost priority,critical thinking is one of the doors that you need to knock and make efforts to open time and again.It is only with the right questions that we realised that children have so much of the ability to think critically about themselves ,their actions,their relationships.Through many such conversations not only have they arrived at their own solutions but left us with many more questions like “Why are children are always told not to play around too much” “How do animals take care of themselves if they are alone?” and so on

At Apni Shala, we build Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) opportunities for children in municipal schools, low-budget private schools and other NGOs, primarily in M and L wards of Mumbai. Our vision is to build social and emotional competencies among individuals so they can constructively engage with society and have a harmonious co-existence. I facilitate to over 250+ students every week so that they reflect upon their emotions, channelize their thoughts and explore their competencies.I believe Social and Emotional Learning gives a way to students to constructively engage in dealing with the challenges of everyday lives.
Our spaces are designed with art, drama, songs, games and community projects. To create a more wholesome and long-lasting impact, we also work with parents, guardians, teachers and other stakeholders through our awareness sessions and campaigns.

We are Grateful to Apni Shala for providing us a platform where we can be a part of such meaningful spaces.

We aim to raise INR 50,000 to extend support for providing such spaces for our children. 50% of the fund raised will be used for year long SEL program and other 50% would be used to create such spaces for children at Khoj community school.

Let’s make a difference this Joy of Giving Week!

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