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    from Sundernagar, Himachal Pradesh

I saw so many people suffering from various diseases, i saw them crying for help and sometimes they end their lives with sudden death or major diseases. Two years ago I had started helping these people without any charges by visiting door to door with my bag-pack carrying basic medicines, food items, sanitary pad, bandages, liquid antiseptics,pieces of plastic sheets for roof leakage and etc.

Places where I visited most and still visiting are:
Slum areas / People living roadside in huts / Needy and Poor people from villages.
I am not talking about a single person but there are tons of people who are seeking help.While visiting these places I found the causes which result in spreading of diseases.I am discussing a few of them.
       (There are no proper doctors and medical facilities for these people)

a)  Overcrowding  / No safe water / Poor structural quality of housing
Many life-threatening infectious diseases are associated with contaminated water in slums, such as cholera, hepatitis, scabies (when animals use same water source) diseases, malaria, dengue bacterial skin infections and many more.
Slum habitation has high occupancy rates in all-purpose rooms. Cooking, sleeping, and living with 5 to 10 people or even more in a very small room

b) Use of dirty clothes on their menstrual cycle
As we know the population of women in rural India far outnumbers that of urban India. Utilizing plain cloth, or cloth stuffed with cotton, is not only unhygienic for the utilizer but withal inimical for the environment as it qualifies as medical waste. This practice has caused an astronomically immense percentage of Indian girls to drop out of school due to the arduousness in managing menstrual bleeding
Sanitary pads are always a safe option when it comes to deplorable odor. They protect you from unwanted allergies. While most ways to control the flow can be efficacious and involve no or low cost, these ways have a high chance of causing:
>allergic reactions.
>fungal infections
>reproductive tract infection
(it cause uterus removal)
>urinary infection and even make you vulnerable to infertility
                                   They say, better safe than sorry!

80 to 82 of percent women in India still do not know what a sanitary napkin is or what it is used for 
an alarming statistic but an even tougher number to counter but together we can make this possible, of course slowly but we can make a difference.
but alone it’s not possible, I am looking for your support in this to make people healthier and happier


These are my goals for the future and together we can achieve this

This is how I want to build a helping structure for all needy people.

Please come forward to help these people and save future of their generations . Any donation is going to help people out there for there food, medical, shelter and other needs.Any amount which you will donate either big or small is going to help structure of their lives. (*--*)

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