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Support a young non-binary person's escape from an abusive home
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Hi. Thank you for contributing. 

My name's Ankita Sharma. My pronouns are she/they. I'm a 21 year old, non-binary person. I'm a survivor of domestic abuse who hasn't yet completed their schooling

I've had previous attempts to escape my extremely (physically, psychologically and verbally) abusive home, but on the night of 4th December 2020 I had to run away immediately, without planning and not look back. 
I left home with just my slippers and a pair of clothes. I could do this because a  friend was beyond kind to take me in, in the middle of the night, and also house me for the months to come. 

I used this time to study for my 12th board exams, as a private candidate, because physically going to school was not possible. As of 15th September, I've given all my exams and I'm waiting on the results. ​

Update: my results are in and I'm planning to study sociology next year onwards 

My friend couldn't house me anymore so I moved on to live in  a pg PG on my own. It gave me time to focus on my exams. But with no family or friends to fall back on, and no job, I couldn't keep it up very long. 
The unplanned nature of this escape has really made me need all the help I can get. I'm starting life all over again, with little to no resources and struggle to fulfill basic needs such as food, rent, medication.

Any money that you donate to this fundraiser will be used in the following:

  1. *Rent, food, clothes, basic necessities, anything that is essential to my living.
  2. *Fees for college/any educational institution, if I'm able to get admission in one after I receive my 12th results.
  3. *Up-skilling myself for future work so I can be financially stable.  
  4. *Therapy and medication fees for my mental health. 

The abuse I faced on a daily basis at the hands of my family started at a very early age and includes some of the following instances:

When i was 9 my brother (5 years older than me) scratched my arms until I was bleeding because I had said "no" to turning on the fan for him.
He would punch me in the stomach while I was sleeping just because he was angry, and twist my leg until the whole neighbourhood could hear me screaming and begging for help and that's not the worst of it. 
​There were no insults that weren't hurled my way. I was allowed to have no opinions and would leave under the constant fear of doing something that would set him off. There was no to hold him accountable. My father wouldn't intervene. ​​​

I called the police when I was 14 because of extreme physical abuse but they dismissed it saying "Ghar ka maamla hai."

My father quite literally never let me step out of the house, even for school. This continued until I was 14 and my late grandmother finally put me in school. I was a prisoner in my own house even then.

He would often have anger episodes during which he would break and throw things in the house. Things like schooling and basic physical or mental well being of his daughter were of little concern to him. 
He didn't fulfill my basic needs and made me feel like a burden for asking for them. He wouldn't give me a dime for my books, uniform and fees. He was either against me going to school or on occasion he would make promises to get me admission into a school but never did.

Later when I was 16, out of school yet again and not being fed regularly, I called the childline(1098) the operator told me "It's still your family."

At the same age I walked alone on foot to every government school in Delhi so I could get myself admitted into a school, and when I managed to do just that my father wasn't happy about it, he was furious.

At 18 I needed only 40 rupees everyday for the rickshaw fare to go to school but he wouldn't give me even that.

I was not allowed to turn on he lights in my house, when I wanted to study, I was only allowed it if they wanted it. The house was completely dark most of the time because of no sunlight and curtains. 

There was also a severe lack of food at home. Some days I had only some pieces of bread to eat.
For months I would skip meals and ask my father to give me the money for the same so I could get basic necessities and go to school. ​​​​

I've had to drop out of school a total of 3 times because of a combination of all these things. Still i would fight and struggle to start school again and get my education. 

I decided to leave home after I had to drop out again at the age of 18. I tried to leave for the longest time and I couldn't. If you could name every thing that a person is supposed to do if they want to leave an abusive situation I had done it. Ultimately money was the only thing that held me back. I did small jobs(Tutoring, freelance writing) but without a proper education or funds for transportation, I never had enough to sustain me.

Last year when I finally had to escape and luckily found a place to stay, my father and aunt threatened to get me back by force and claimed that a 21 year old "girl" doesn't have rights in India. It scared me to the extent that I would scream in my sleep every night, but their threats were empty. 
With the help of a kind lawyer who didn't take any fee from me I was able to stand my ground. 

And I have been on my own ever since. 

I have escaped the abuse and for that I am grateful. But to get an education, feed myself, have shelter, and build a life, I need help. I am excited about the idea of working hard towards standing on my own two feet.

I haven't yet figured out what longterm damage has been done to me mentally but with this money I hope I do. I want to create a life for myself where I don't feel the humiliation of someone who knows their rights being forced to live with people who shame her, threaten her, ridicule her, neglect her and harm her everyday of her life. 
hope to live a life of dignity, safety and liberty.

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