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Support For Buying Power wheelchair, beds and Mobility Aids
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Hi All,
My name is Amandeep Singh Rathore. I am here to raise funds to buy Customized wheelchairs, Medical beds and Essential Mobility aids (ie.for bathing and toileting) for me and my younger brother and his name is Rishi Rathore.
We have a genetic disorder called  Muscular Dystrophy, 

muscular dystrophy is a group of diseases that cause progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass.
|as because of this loss and weakning
  • We have very limited mobility and we are on wheelchair and 
  • we depends entirely on our parents in every aspect of daily living like Brushing, bathing, eating, toileting and taking turn on bed etc. 
  • we requires proper diet, regular excercises & physiotherapy and mobility aids and Heavy finances for fulfillment of these requirements. 

There's always a matter of Mere Survival in those conditions and just accepting Misery of Fate, that very mindset is of weak and undignified souls. but I'm very Thankful to our parents, that this situation of mere Survival mindset was not in our case. They are being always tried to give us Respectful & Dignified life by providing us everything that we required, and they did humongous with full hearts. They have armoured us with Most Powerful & Indestructible Metal called EDUCATION.

We love to study. we want to add value to the Society by doing our part through worth & Service but it can be fulfilled if we are employed. In order to get employed we need studies and in order to do studies we have to sit on manual Wheelchairs for hours in a day to study which are not suitable for our Disability.

When that opportunity arrives, Employment ie. job, then it's never gonna easy to attend any job related work if we aren't in a position to sit comfortably and even also not able to sit properly. 

you may be wondering that,


The major problems with prolonged sitting in a manual wheelchair are PELVIC OLBLIQUITY & SCOLIOSIS  

  1. PELVIC obliquity is uneven hip posture and unequal length of legs. the pelvis is tilted on one side which is caused by wrong sitting Posture & seating on a manual wheelchair. It causes pain on hip joints & muscles, knees and legs while sitting and while sitting, we are tilted on one side it couses pressure on ribs and Henceforth, bending of spine is result which is Called as
  2. Scoliosis, is deformity ie. bending in spine, this bending leads difficulties in seating causing pain in back, spine and neck. It is very uneasy, exhausting and Painstaking to sit and holding the weight of upper extremities.  Since the structure and functionality of body entirely depends upon Spinal cord, so as all because of this dependency our whole body got deformed. 

The bending of spine not only effects our Skeletal body but it also effects badly on our Health & functioning of vital organs like heart, lungs, Stomach and Intestines.

These Deformities have gave us various other diseases and highly life threatening Conditions like;

The Scoliosis will progress further and our health degeneration will continue if there is nothing for supporting & correcting pelvic & Spine Deformities and Body posture. 

There is a Solution for These deformities and posture related issues in the form mobility equipments like,

Customized Power Wheelchairs- These wheelchairs are customized according to the conditions & requirements of an Individual's body; as they provide corrections for pelvic, holding legs & arms in right place, enhances movement & Mobility through adaptive controls, Support the back according to the bending of Spine and give support to neck, in this way sitting is made comfortable & thus provides extended mobility.

" For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."

We are here for your support, our attempt to gain mobility in our daily living and get Independence, by means of Custumized and adaptable Power wheelchairs, Power beds and Mobility equipments like shower and commode chairs, air mattress etc. 

 I am 25 years old and I love to read books. I graduated with B.Sc. from Punjabi University Patiala and further, I want to apply for civil services and therefore serve the country and our mother earth for the goodwill of humanity. I want to work for children who lack resources due to poverty, improper environmental settings, unavailability of parents or caregivers, weak financial conditions of families, sexual abuse, child trafficking, racial and caste discrimination, and Toxic stress which are barriers to child's healthy growth and development.  I also wanted to work for my disabled community.

My younger brother has opted hummanities stream for higher secondary and he's 19. He's also  likely to serve the humanity with good. His scoliosis is not in advanced stage as of mine but it is progressive and is growing  fastly we can prevent it from further worsening.

I’m writing to ask you to support our studies. Just a small donation can help us to continue our studies. Your donation will go towards supporting me in my education and Henceforth living an Independent & Dignified life.

Each rupee counts no matter what life is to be saved so it's everyone's responsibility, Your Small Help Can save my life.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to me to have your support. Please come forward to support my cause. Any contribution will be of immense help

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