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Anti-Spread Mask Donations to Patients and General Public
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On the 13th of March, Iran had 11,364 cases of COVID-19. India only had 82.

But seeing the spread of infection, we knew it was a matter of time before the infection numbers started to rise in India. We knew that people are spreading the infection through sneezing, coughing or speaking, and there has to be a simple and re-usable solution other than the thousands of masks everyday we are discarding who's primary purpose is not to stop infection, but rather to contain it. The only mask that is proven to stop infection with higher efficiency is the N95 mask, and these may be in short supply in the future. Surgical masks and cloth masks are loose fitting, and cannot effectively filter out COVID particles.

From the website:

'Wearing a surgical mask won’t protect you from contracting SARS-CoV-2. However, it can help prevent you from spreading the virus to others.'

This is when we played with the idea of a re-usable and disinfectable mask for patients who are symptomatic. Silicone is an ideal material for this purpose, and we started to prototype our first sample. The prototype was ready in 3 days, and upon using it we immediately saw the benefit and started planning a larger cavity mould. We had to plead with police, watchmen, and vendors to get this made, and we will be eternally thankful to all who once they saw our prototype let us proceed. We stepped into production on the 21st of March 2020.

Now that we are in production, we have already donated from our company Acron Polymer Products Silicone masks to Kasturba Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital, 7 Hills Hospital, and Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. In addition, we are handing out masks to all the brave frontline fighters of the Covid pandemic, who are risking their lives to ensure smoothing running of our country in this time of crisis. This includes police officers, grocery vendors, bhaji walas, watchmen, delivery boys, and the workers and families of our factory and people in the sorrounding locality. We have donated up to 500 masks from our company already in Mumbai, and want to get this mask to as many corners of the country as possible.

Now we need your help to continue to be able to donate these masks. We have to recover the following costs:

1. Cost of Development - Design, Prototyping and Production Mould
2. Raw Material - FDA Approved Silicone
3. Mixing - Produced in up to 6 colours
4. Production - We can produce up to 2,600 masks a day currently
5. Postcuring, finishing, trimming and inspection
6. Packaging
7. Distribution - Delivered at the doorstep of use to hospitals, police stations, and any other location where required, and Air Express Freight to locations around the country. 

Surgical masks are only 1 time use and selling in stores for as high as 25 Rupees. Cloth masks are available at 50 rupees upwards and also need to be discarded or washed after every use. Our mask is costing us about the same as a 2 cloth masks but can be used an unlimited number of times. 

The masks are going to be distributed with the following information to its recipients:

This mask is not a filter. It functions as a cough and sneeze barrier. It is designed for poor patients who cannot access a constant supply of surgical masks, and are forced to re-use contaminated masks to no benefit. It is for patients in hospitals who are risking healthcare workers lives by spreading the infection into the air. It is for people who are constantly coming into contact with others, and risk droplets entering their mouth or nose even when they are speaking from a distance. We distribute it to police stations knowing that they are one of the first to come to know about potential cases, and can immediately reach these masks to affected areas so that potentially infected people do not continue to spread the infection.

This mask can be easily disinfected in seconds. Silicone withstands up to 200C and can be wiped with disinfectant, boiled, autoclaved, put in an oven, or washed - and immediately re-used.

This is the world's first (we believe) re-usable anti-spread mask and we need your help to get it into the hands of as many people as possible to help flatten the curve and reduce the rate of infection. If we don't act now we could well get into a greater Stage 3 community transmission and we must do everything we can by self-isolating, washing our hands, and covering our mouths.

You can follow us on Instagram @antispreadmask as we continue our donations. Your generosity will help get these masks to patients who are suffering from COVID and help protect others around them while they get treated. Please help us get as many masks as possible to as many people as possible. 

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