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Contribute to explore the power of music in Peace building
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I am Akash Barman, from Muzaffarnagar, U.P. I have got admission to the University of Sheffield, UK and have high chances of getting admission in Estonia and Denmark But I decided to go to Masaryk University, Czechia because of the master's programme, it offers i.e., Masters in Conflict and Democracy studies. I am here to ask you for your financial contribution!!

I consider myself to be a highly motivated and diligent student. I am a fast learner. I speak 4 languages. I have been working multiple jobs (as an information analyst(Trainee),  Editor for a European academic journal, Japanese language teacher and Freelancer content writer) in order to save money for my education. I have worked with different think tanks and was associated with Organisations such as ILO, Embassy of Japan, India, Ministry of External Affairs, GOI on different projects

Research Area:
 My research will be focus on exploring the Utilization of Music in Community Engagement as a peacemaking tool. Music provides us really quite a powerful tool in peace, not just as an actual tool to shift conflict dynamics and build bridges across divides, but as a metaphor, a lens we can look through to help understand what conflict resolution is and what it isn't.

But what, might you ask, is the point of all this? What does music have to do with conflict resolution? Conflict is a part of human existence everywhere and is greatly influenced by cultural components. At the same time, music is a central component of every culture and for most of us has great power. Because of this, with the right intention and awareness, music is a potentially powerful and transformative tool in conflict resolution. Peter van den Dungen (2008) from the Department of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford states, “Of all the arts, music is undoubtedly the art form with the potential to affect people more immediately and more deeply than any other. It can stir the emotions as nothing else, inspire people to the loftiest thoughts and sentiments, and bring them together in indissoluble bonds”

Music provides a unique approach to peacebuilding, which has the potential to help communities address the many stages of the conflict in a more constructive and creative way. Of course, music does not in itself end wars, eliminate structural inequalities, or heal deep psychological wounds, what it does, though, is to engage us in a thought process.

The elements of creating music and building peace are often analogous. David LaMotte, an American Musician and Author, explores the metaphors associated with making music and shows how they offer a framework for understanding peace work. Listening, practice, interrupting the script and striving for harmony (rather than unity) are just a few examples.

However, the biggest challenge to pursuing my vision is to arrange for the staggering funds (~20, 00,000), as I come from a lower-middle-class family. I received my admission acceptance letter in December 2021 and since then I was trying to raise funds through loans but I can't as my family doesn't have collateral to offer as a guarantee. Out of the total amount required, I need partial financial. The rest shall take care of through other resources, family and employment.
How can you help?
 I am looking forward to individuals/institutes/companies/societies/clubs supporting me on this fundraising campaign by either directly sponsoring me or sharing this message with those who can.
Cost Estimation
1. Tuition Fee – 6000 Euros or ~5,50,000 INR
2. Cost of Living (for a 2 years) – 12,00,000 INR. For more details, you can refer to Studyinczech(It is an official source of information on higher education managed by the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research (DZS)).
3. Visa, immigration health surcharge, medical test, travel insurance, etc. – 1,20,000 INR
4. Laptop/other equipment – 50,000 INR
5. One-way air-fare – 60,000 INR
6. Miscellaneous expenses – 50,000 INR
That sums up to 20,30,000 INR +10% of this cost as a reserve (unplanned expenses).
 You can also refer to -
You can also refer to the supporting documents such as – an offer letter from the University.
Way Forward.
 As per the Czechia government rules, I have to show the sufficient amount blocked with me for at least 60 consecutive days before I apply for the student visa. Therefore, I initiated this campaign 3 months before the start date of the course and hoping to raise the sufficient before 1, June 2022
 I would love to share a periodic update related to my visa application, studies at the university, and post-study progress with you on my page.
 Thank you!
 Akash Barman

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