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A BOWL A DAY is an initiative started by The Philanthropist and the Happy Dog charity to feed 85+ dogs in Noida every day. The funds donated by our supporters are used for a myriad of activities around animal welfare including feeding, sterilizations, vaccinations, deworming, adoptions, and fostering.

In the wake of the lockdown, a lot of stray dogs in Noida were displaced. Their primary sources being shut, they scavenged in the bins and often slept with a rumbling belly at night. I started feeding 40 dogs in May 2020, which has now increased to 85+ dogs across different sectors in the city.
On our feeding rounds, we often find motherless litters scavenging from bin to bin. Their tiny bodies scathing with ticks or fleas, which is often very difficult to ignore. We rescue these puppies, in order to find beautiful homes for them all across India and sometimes even in the United States. Since the birth of this charity, 40+ rescues have found their permanent homes.
After a month-long treatment, care, and nutritious meals, this is how they look now -
It is amazing how much difference a little bit of love and care can make, right?
Just like them, every puppy rescue requires a specific set of supplies for fostering - pee mats, cerelac, starter puppy food, puppy wet food, de-worming meds, vaccinations etc. Every penny donated for them is not only used for them, but for more and more pups waiting to go home.

Another important aspect of the work this charity does is SPAY AND NEUTER. I make it a point to sterilize a minimum of 20 dogs every month, from different locations in Noida. Every surgery at an ABC unit costs 1200₹ or 4000₹ at a private clinic. Without sterilization, we will face more deaths in dogs due to infections or roadkills, more cruelty cases, and more starvation in dogs. The only way to help is to timely sterilize all dogs under our care, and that’s what we aim to do.
We make sure we do compulsory blood work before and vaccinations after the surgery or before the dogs are released back to their territory

We recently hit a milestone of serving 6,00,000 meals to stray dogs across Noida since August 2020. All dogs are fed as soon as they wake up, and we try to make sure no one has to hunt for food. I also feed kibble and kennel kitchen cans to dogs the live right outside my home.
We currently have one dog waiting to fly to the US in boarding care in Noida. The dollar was found last year, with scratches and bite marks all over his posterior. He was either abandoned by his family or was lost. Such a docile and sweet boy, Dollar didn’t know how to survive in the streets. It costs 6000₹ to him forever home in the USA.
I’ve been working for community animals for the last 7 years and this charity aims to help all those in need. I conduct sterilization drives, vaccination drives, adoptions, feeding, rescue, and fostering of dogs. I am in need of funds for feeding and to meet with the medical treatment expenses of my rescues.

We need every bit of support that we can get. If our cause has struck the right chords in your heart, consider being a monthly donor with us. You will see the happiness it’ll bring into your life, to help a voiceless on the street! 🌻

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