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Help Ajit Recover from Arrhythmia
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Can 8000 people SAVE A LIFE ? YES - Just donate Rs. 100 and save ONE LIFE ONE FAMILY HOPE

Dear friends & colleagues,

Our biggest fear in life is of losing our loved ones, hence we do everything & anything for them. But we also know how high-cost medical treatments deplete our savings rapidly. My (Meetu's) sister-in-law Rakhi Das Ghosh’s Husband Mr. Ajit Ghosh is going through such a terrible situation. My jeeju Ajit is fighting with a life-threatening heart disease called arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats) he's a braveheart who is still fighting it hard. But before it's too late they need financial aid on an immediate basis so that AICD device can make his heart keep working for long time to come.

Guys, REMEMBER EACH LIFE IS PRECIOUS SO PLEASE COME FORWARD & CONTRIBUTE, no amount is big or small at this time from 1 to 1000, your generous contribution can help a family save a husband & a father. Please spread the word so that it can reach to many people.

Its just matter of 8000 people donating 100 Rs each, this target can be met like a magic and this life can be saved in a blink of an eye. So be generous, please start DONATING and SHARING it to as many as people you can and just ask for Rs 100 to be donated from each one of them and share it further. Let our population be our strength in saving lives.

Please see all details below of expenses so far, expenses required & all medical details as well.

Expenses so far -
Rs. 50,000 at Jorhat hospital, Rs. 1,05,000 at Guwahati hospital, 3,42,000 at Surana Sethia for angioplasty, Rs. 40,000 at Vasai hospital and additional medicines at all these places were around of Rs. 75,000 approximately, Rs. 33,000 Ambulance charges for 3 different visits, Rs. 25,000 Admission charges at ICU again, Rs. 20,000 for more medicines in recent 3 days = 6,90,000 medical expenses spent till now.
Also around more than 1.5 lakh, which includes conveyance, staying lodging & food at all these places so = 8,40,000 is total spent till now.

Expenses required - Total of 8 Lakhs
Approximately 6 lakhs for hospital which includes = AICD device cost + Procedure charges + Hospital Charges & Medicines (Estimate Letter Attached)
And Approximately 2 lakhs more are needed for ICU CHARGES + Medicines + hospital charges till this AICD gets arranged and surgery gets done.

We have taken 2nd opinion from government hospital as well but there also AICD device is charged, its not free of cost and infact it costs 1 lakh more than this charitable hospital. Their unhygienic and not clean environment is not ok for our patient specially when we were told that getting patient from some hospital to their bed is our responsibility and bed will not be arranged immediately too.

Their Family Background -

My sister in law is a Hindi school teacher in Jorhat, Assam and her husband (who is admitted) works as a manager for the outlet of Assam tea hub, Jorhat. Together they earn a basic minimum amount which barely manages their monthly expenses and studies of their only son, who is in 12th standard right now. They have to take care of him and make him stable too. But right now the need of the hour is that we all come together to help them. A small help from each one of us can save a life and can bring back happiness in their lives.

Detailed Case History -

He had a heart attack on 30 June 2019 in Jorhat, Assam but due to diabetes, he could not understand the pain as sugar patients can’t so he took some time to reach to Dr and get admitted, hence a lot of damage happened to the heart but doctors stabilized him there. But bcoz there was no proper cardiologist and cardiac facilities available in the city, Didi (my sister in law) took him to Guwahati.
They reached Guwahati Narayana hospital on 6th July, there they diagnosed him but due to damage of the heart and 30% pumping, they refused to do angiography also and asked them to go home.

Meanwhile, we tried consulting doctors in Mumbai here they said they can certainly do an Angiography because without that it's impossible to find what’s his current condition of heart so that treatment can be given. So didi got him to Mumbai on 13th July 2019 and straight from the airport, we went to Surana Sethia Hospital Chembur, the doctor examined him and asked to stabilize all his vitals for the next 2 days before going for an angiography. After stabilizing him for 2 days Dr. V.T. Shah did angiography and angioplasty together on 15 July 2019 in the main artery which pumps max blood & oxygen to the heart and body.

But from next day episodes of Arrhythmia started (An arrhythmia is a problem with the rate or rhythm of your heartbeat. It means that your heart beats too quickly, too slowly, or with an irregular pattern. When the heart beats faster than normal, it is called tachycardia) which in layman language means that heart started reacting violently due to increased blood and oxygen flow with stint they had put it. But Doctors knew about this can happen in this case so they stabilized it, kept him in ICU for 4 more days and 4 more days in the ward, stabilized him and discharged him.

We happily came home on 23 July 2019 but again on 26 July 2019, he had episodes of shortness of breath, eyes were rolling upwards, and for few seconds he was lifeless, so Raaj (my husband) gave him CPR and he came back to life. Immediately I called for an ambulance and had a word to Dr. Shah, he advised us to ECG at any nearby place and come to the hospital.

We took him to nearest hospital for ECG and sent it to our doctor, he agreed to get him to Chembur hospital so we started our journey for Surana Sethia Hospital, but in the ambulance again he started getting an attack, we had to take U-turn and take him to nearest hospital available, which was in Vasai east - Vinayaka hospital Vasai.

He was admitted there for 1 day, they immediately took him to ICU and after talking to our cardiologist they started his injections and medicines, etc. They also had to give him a minor shock to revive around the evening. After that by God's grace, he was stable. One cardiologist Dr. Deepka Mishra, told us that he will need AICD/Pacemaker.

On 27 July 2019, we could finally shift him to Surana Sethia Hospital bcoz he was stable. We also wanted our own cardiologist to examine him before taking the final call. Meanwhile, till he came to visit in hospital one more VT attack happened in the nite and they again have to give him a shock. So the last night only, our cardiologist took a call to do angiography again to see the stage of stint which was been put on 15 July 2019 to be triply sure before suggesting an AICD/Pacemaker, also to see if there is any other blockage must have happened. After angiography he showed and told us that with the current stage of his heart AICD or pacemaker is the only option left for us to keep our patient alive for a long time, coz heart’s electrical impulses are doing short circuit kind of thing (layman language explanation by dr) due to damage of heart muscles during 30 June attack.

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