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Introduction Of Solar Powered E-learning Platform In A Satara School!
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The Problem
The definition for schools has completely changed in recent years. From one storey-schools to swamping acres; from chalk & duster to marker & stylus; from note taking to ppt sharing; from loads of books inside the burdensome school bags to a slim laptop easily carried in hands. These massive changes are, however, only limited to certain schools. In fact, the majority of schools are unable to adapt to these changes. This is the disturbing reality which can’t be realised after visiting a metropolitan school. Why should the students face such discrimination that some are denied the modern school experience?
Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the education sector has always been simultaneously rejoicing and worrying. Rejoicing for the progress of some schools and tensed for those unable to adapt to these changing times. These schools have tried really hard. The possible reasons holding them back to reach their tech heyday are insufficient financial means, no realisation of the urgent necessity for such progress, and no motivation for this achievement. But practically speaking, the introduction of technology is already overdue.

Majority of the schools without projectors and handful computers are located in rural parts of the country. There, education is not taken seriously by the people, who are primarily occupied in agriculture. The schools are provided with just enough funds to carry out their daily proceedings. So how can they bring this benefit for their students? Seldom does the village committee or any organisation decide on setting aside funds for the school’s upliftment. The students are left behind with a crucial choice to make - whether to focus on studies in the not-very-supportive surroundings or to focus on the family occupations, for which the critics are very supportive!

One at a Time
An example of the scenario is the Adarsh Madhyamik Vidyalaya, located in the Thoseghar village of Satara, Maharashtra. A very important asset for the district as close to 200 students congregate from 8 nearby villages! Already a very low number in a single village population of 2500. There are 12 teachers managing the classes from 5th to 10th. The school only provides secondary education As, we met the principal, he said, “The teaching happens offline with the students being distracted most of the time. Our small faculty can barely provide individual attention to every student.”

Adarsh Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Thoseghar, Satara.(Adarsh Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Thoseghar, Satara.)

Suzlon Foundation has been working on the mission to Enhance Human Capital since 2008; engaging with the needy, empowering them in the deficient, and lastly helping them sustain the change: Engage; Empower; Sustain. Then, proliferating the benefit by spreading the message to all the nearby areas. In the past, our initiatives like Cleanliness Drive and Health Awareness programs, to name a few, have yielded exhilarating results in Satara. Pan-India, we have undertaken various educational initiatives like school cultural programs, plantation drives, student awards, introduction to basic technology, and local sports competitions. The prime focus has always been towards to sub-urban and rural sectors.  

Today, we have reached out to Adarsh Madhyamik Vidyalaya because we BELIEVE that we can help provide a better, enhanced tomorrow to the students.
We BELIEVE that we can provide them with an opportunity to broaden their view of experiencing the 21st century right from secondary school. 
We have planned to introduce an e-learning platform at Adarsh Vidyalaya. And, with the motive of sharing some benefits with our environment, we have decided to install a solar powered e-learning platform in the school. We must do our utmost to bring this beneficial change to one school, then the second school, then the third, till we collectively cover all the schools.

(Viewstar Technologies premium solar powered e-learning platform.)

The e-learning platform has been designed by Viewstar Technologies LLP, and includes a projector with built in CPU, a pen drive containing the learning content, the other accessories like mouse and speaker, and lastly the necessities for the solar connection. The rounded cost is Rs. 1,00,000.

The principal believes that the E-learning system will improve the education level, increase the classroom strength, increase the grasping power of the students, make possible the convenient revision of topics, help provide demonstrations to the students, and a lot more! We are really very happy to hear those words and we are optimistic of this program.

Besides achieving the educational goals for the school, this initiative will assist the students to think out of the box for innovations, like this solar powered platform itself! The platform is designed for the Maharashtra board in Marathi and the manufacturer of the e-learning platform will provide online training to the teachers of the beneficiary school. After the successful installation, we will work with the teachers to make sure that they are well accustomed to the platform, and they can conduct classes using the platform.

Your role and Effects
Your donation will have endless effects. It will form an integral part of the e-learning platform which will produce drastic changes, right from encouraging an existing student to delve into the technological universe to motivating a child to enroll in the school; from helping reduce the school drop-out rates to helping students break the poverty cycle.
The students can then look forward to school as a place to unleash their potential, gearing up for the future. The e-learning platform will support further developments in the school, more advancements in the school.

Help us COMPLETE this idea !
Help us ACCELERATE the process so that the students of Satara can reap the benefits of solar-powered e-learning as soon as possible !
Help us MAKE Adarsh Madhyamik Vidyalaya an IDEAL INSTITUTION !

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