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my brother suffered from a high fever accompanied by lymph node swelling in the neck and the groin area. A visit to the doctor and a biopsy later, Arjit was diagnosed with low-grade lymphoma- a slow spreading cancer. By February 2018, Arjit was in great pain as the lymph nodes all over his body were swelling! Lymphoma had raised its malignant head!

To contain the spread of cancer, he was immediately introduced to chemotherapy and later prescribed Ibrutinib. The expensive, but effective tablets cost Rs 1.4 lakh a month (at a discount). By December 2019, a PET scan declared Arjit had a negative MDR (minimum residual disease), that is, his disease was contained. All Arjit had to do was continue taking Ibrutinib.

While we were rejoicing as a family and thanking all those who had helped us during Arjit's crucial journey against cancer, we had forgotten cancer’s unpredictability.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Suddenly, on 31 March 2020, Arjit again met his old enemy face-to-face in the form of a lymph node swelling. He rushed to the doctor, who conducted a needle biopsy. The result was tragic! Lymphoma had relapsed, plus, Arjit was also diagnosed with Richter Transformation. In layman's language, Arjit's cancer had come back with a vengeance.

Arjit again needs chemotherapy, CAR- T Cell therapy to bring cancer to remission and then a bone marrow transplant to overcome the disease.

CAR- T Cell therapy is a new age treatment for leukaemia and lymphoma that is not yet available in India. The treatment in Israel or China where the therapy has a success rate will cost Rs 3 Crore. Even if I give up all my assets- my house, I can't raise such a huge amount. Here is how we have used your previous contributions towards Arjit’s treatment since February 2018 -

Summary of the Previous Collection:-
Total collected - Rs 5395512/-
Expended on medicine ( ibrutinib) - Rs 2755200/-
Expended on HLA typing fee in stem cell donor registration - Rs 30600/-
Miscellaneous expense - Rs 565631/-
and GST - Rs 60833.65
Balance to date - Rs 2097080/-

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Details for direct bank transfer / UPI payments

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Rs.240 raised

Goal: Rs.2,097,080

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