I am fundraising so that our farmers can be rid of the cycle of debts that lead to suicides.

Need. Yes, it’s that one element that drives the whole energy from morning till evening before we call it off for the day, and off course substantiating, probably it’s one of the main reasons for survival.

You need me and I need you.

By the same token, if we are not feeling better, we need a Doctor. If we have an argument to defend, we need a lawyer. And if we need proper civic in town, we definitely need a better Government.

Now if you put yourself to complete rest and ponder for a moment, who is the one whom we need every day, maybe every moment. And I’m sure the answer that comes to your mind is the same that is in my mind. And we proudly call him “Annadata”, our dear Farmer. But do you even realise, that very Farmer is in the biggest need of the hour?

On one side he has been tirelessly facing merciless nature and on the other side, the motionless Government and the illicit trading practices. The only resort then he finds is in a rope under a tree or in the taste of chemical locha.

My dear friends, it’s time we open our eyes to this helpless creature before we end up becoming the same.

To shed some light, we at Sunrise Pratishthan (Reg. No. 2059/2010/Pune Date: 04/10/2010) have been studying the current situation of Farmers, especially in the state of Maharashtra for quite few months. So what exactly shall we do to uplift their lives from the pathetic state they are currently in? Financial aid to the family of the farmers who have taken the grave step of suicide? Then the question is will it be a fitting answer to their merciless situation? Or will those pennies slide into the rugged pockets of uncanny relatives, or move a pebble on a mountain of debt? Even if we take a chance on this, still the question remains hard on their faces, what next? The same merciless nature. The same cycle of debt. The same tree. The same rope. The same box of chemical. But another panting life.

What we at Sunrise Pratishthan believe in is if we give pot full of grain to a Farmer, it will be of no use to him and again we’ll be seeing him in the same helpless situation, again looking at us for another pot full of grain.

However, if we give him only a handful of grain and push him to cultivate a pot full, this and only this, will make sure he is brought out of the helpless situation. It’s time we understand that Farmers need to be brought back to capability from incapability, and not made beggars of the situation, and we ending up only giving alms.

All they need is the right timing of the entire cycle of farming, from purchase of seeds to sowing, and the ultimate selling in the market. If this looks so simple, then why they have been struggling?

If we account it in each steps, here’s what we find. When the seeding phase comes closer, the traders illicitly raise the prices and in turn the farmer either gets less quantity of seeds or ends up shelling out more, completely keeping out the question of quality of these seeds. Subsequently, once the harvesting phase is complete and the crops are into the market, suddenly the market goes down and Farmers end up losing more than half of the price.

After a good deal of study, we have decided to implement our idea in a village named Nandale in Dhule district of Maharashtra, to start with. Sometime back, a young Farmer committed suicide in this village, and the situation is no different than the worst.

We will make sure that this village is brought out of this shackle, duly coordinating and assisting them at each steps from purchasing of seeds to selling the ultimate harvest in the market.

For this entire activity, we have estimated a cost of around Rupees 4 lakhs.

On behalf of Sunrise Pratishthan, we wholeheartedly request you to come forward and extend financial aid, whatever you can. We are indeed accountable for each penny received towards this initiative and all your questions and queries on the same will be duly answered and clarified.

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30th May 2016
Hi All,

We are glad to inform you that we Sunrise team visited “Nandale” village on Saturday. There we visited nearby water reservoirs (which are dried up now) and conducted a meeting with all the villagers. As per our commitment 30 farmers were facilitated with the packets of seeds and fertilizers. The beneficiary farmers were very happy and felt encouraged. They promised to work hard and make a full use of all this help. We are highly hopeful that this help will really boost farmer’s confidence and help them raise their financial situation.

Sunrise team deeply thank you for your contribution toward this initiative and showing faith in us. Would look forward to have many such social initiatives in future.
7th April 2016
Over the last couple of weeks we raised over Rs 40,000 through 'Eat to Help' initiative. This money is going into 'Annadata Sukhi Bhava' project - Helping farmers in Nandale village. We sold bhel and paani puri in Dange chawk, Bhakti Shakti Chawk, Pimple Saudagar in Pune to raise the fund. Also Digital Group company where couple of Sunrise members work, provided a platform for this initiative and also put a donation box. Till now we have raised near to INR 3 Lacs of funds including direct donations, donations through milaap.org & "Eat to Help" activity. The overwhelming support we are receiving from all of you is a great motivating factor that keeps us going. Thank you!
Few updates on ‘Annadata Sukhi Bhava’ project based on the inputs/suggestions received from Sunrise members, friends and donors –
We are reaching out to agricultural experts like Mr. Pramod Rajebhosle(Gen. Mgr. Agrowon (http://www.agrowon.com/Agrowon/index.htm). He is also trying to connect us with seeds and fertilizers manufacturers so that we can get the best bargains. Also, upon his advice, we are seeking help from KVK, Dhule (Krishi Vigyan Kendra - http://kvkdhule.org/) in this project.
KVK has agreed to conduct soil testing in Nandale through their mobile lab to assess external nutrient needs of crops to achieve profitable output.
They organized a program on 29th March 2016 in which distinguished experts/scientists from Rahuri, Nagpur etc guide on cotton cultivation, pest management and best practices for higher profitability. Also, 44 farmers from the village have shown interest in getting soil testing done for their farm lands.
We went to Nandale to meet villagers on 20th March. Local coordinators (who are doing a great job by the way) had prepared list of 30 farmers who are truly in need of help. The list was shared with all villagers in a meeting and it was great to see there was consensus on the same. These 30 farmers will be provided seeds, fertilizers and if required & according to budget available – pesticides. 
List of farmers: छोटु सुखदेव पाटील, सुरेश बारकु कोकणी, विक्रम धुडकु पाटील, अर्जुन धुडकु पाटील, रोहिदास बाबुलाल पाटील, गल्लु मधुकर पाटील, नाना चुडामण पाटील, मच्छिन्द्र यादव पाटील, शरद श्रावण पाटील, छोटु विक्रम पाटील, ज्ञानेश्वर गोबा पाटील, जन्गलु निम्बा पाटील, सन्जय मच्छिन्द्र पाटील, छोटु त्र्यम्बक पाटील, सम्भाजी जगन्नाथ पाटील, नाना नगराज पाटील, विजय लोटन पाटील, लक्ष्मण उत्तम पाटील, सम्भाजी वेडु पाटील, चेतन विश्वास पाटील, मन्साराम गोविन्दा पाटील, बापुराव हिरामण पाटील, विठ्ठल प्रल्हाद पाटील, समाधान दिगम्बर पाटील, जन्गलु भिल, कैलास बाबाजी, भिकन राघो पाटील, राजेन्द्र शिवाजी पाटील, योगेश प्रभाकर पाटील, सन्जय विनायक पाटील

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