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Help Us Arrange a Summer Camp for our Kids
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Help Us Arrange a Summer Camp for our Kids
Most of us live our daily lives without being grateful to the facilities,opportunities or luxuries that we get. We take them for granted,without realising that there are many children for whom obtaining even the basic amenities is a struggle. Instead of spending their childhood learning and playing, they are toiling away to earn bread and butter for themselves as well as their family. Our organisation wants to address this solemn issue by reconnecting these children to their childhood, a childhood full of dreams and aspirations, games and memories, learning and enjoying.
In order to achieve this goal, we are planning to organise a summer camp for these kids. Various activities and programmes are decided which are going to help them grow. These simple yet enjoyable activities will simulate their minds and instil in them a deep sense of pleasure. They will understand that they are no less than others and can achieve great heights if they try their best.
All the activities will be performed under our team. They will be therewith them at each step to guide them, mentor them and help them whenever needed.

The activities planned so far are – 

Story telling Sessions
Martial Arts
Waste Material Management

For girls above the age of 15-
Make-Up workshop
Talk on nutrition
Talk on Menstrual Hygiene

The reason for selecting the above activities was that all of them require lots of efforts on the part of the child, which enables them to learn and improve. A sense of competition pushes them to excel in life. We make sure each and every child enjoys and has lots of fun.In making this a reality, we need your help. Not only will you be responsible for the smiles of so many children but you’ll be benefiting society too.
Our earlier initiatives have had a tremendous reception. Children have actively participated and performed outstandingly. It is extremely rewarding to see their enthusiasm. Be it arts and crafts, music or dance, sports or painting, they made the best out of the opportunity given to them. They even learned how to get along with each other. 
All the above – enthusiastic and eager to learn children, efforts by our team to go to any extent in order to create a happy and learning experience, but most importantly, the overwhelming support shown by you, has encouraged us to organise another summer camp for these children. We hope you will be as kind with us as you were earlier in helping us achieve this dream.

Objectives of our Summer Camp – 
Encourage sports activities
Developing their skill set
To teach them in a fun way
Make them realise their dreams and aspirations
Instil a sense of happiness and content
Provide them with opportunities to showcase their talents
Create a positive and fulfilling environment for our children

No. of Students- 150+

Long-Term Impact
Keeping in line with our mission, we believe that education is a means and way to a better life. We also organise workshops and recreational activities for differently abled and less fortunate children to help them lead better lives.
About the Organization:Aahvan Ek Pehal also known as AEP is a Non-Governmental Organization, started in the year 2014.AEP is a self-funded NGO and work towards the welfare of women and children and the ones who are differently abled. It is an effort to bring about some change in the society by providing adequate education and training with a platform to excel.
Our Mission:
  • Education and awareness are the means and way to a better life
  • Empowering women by providing adequate training and working towards creating better job opportunities
  • Workshops and recreational activities for differently abled.
 Centres-Gwalior & Dehradun
We are currently working on 4 projects:
Project Gyaan:In India even after completing four years of school, 90% of children from poorer households remain illiterate.Education is one of the most important drivers of India’s social and economic development. Higher levels of literacy lead to greater economic output, higher employment levels, better health, awareness, better social structures and higher standard of living. We at AEP believe that education is the key to overcoming poverty in a single generation. And the same is fundamental in creating a future with human security, community development and progress of the nation.Project Gyaan focuses on imparting value based education to the underprivileged with focus on girl child education. We create an academic support classroom in their vicinity and provide them with quality education. The teaching pattern focuses on activity based learning which includes the use of phonics and Jodo gyaan.We conduct grooming sessions in various government schools. Counseling sessions are an integral part of Project Gyaan. The objective of our project is creating educated and skilled resources out of the underprivileged children and making them capable to get involved in mainstream development. We aim to educate the disadvantaged children from every nook and corner of the country so that they can work for the betterment of the society and break the vicious cycle of poverty.
Project Unnati:Education is a continuous life process. It is never ending and does not account for age. Life is a learning process and you learn at each step of your life. Education does not come with an age barrier. India is poised to emerge as one of the most developed nations by 2020, more literate, knowledgeable and economically at the forefront. Women play a crucial role in the economic-growth of the country. Women constitute of almost half of the population of the world and still do not have access to all their rights. Education being one of the most important one.Little has been achieved in the area of women empowerment. AEP provides education and skill development training to women from the economically challenged background. It is our aim to educate women and make them aware of their rights and make them stand on their own feet.Project Unnati focuses on creating opportunities for women by providing with adequate training and knowledge to start up something of their own. We also provide them with a platform to showcase their talent.Waste material management is an integral part of this project.
Project Vraddhi:AEP runs awareness campaigns on various issues like child rights, sanitation and health, safety measures during accidents and epidemics etc. The concept is to make people aware of situations that they may face and how to deal with them in the hour of need. The focus is on educating the masses about various health hazards and the outcome of unclean environment. Diarrhea is one such problem which has killed several in our country .The root cause of diarrhea is dirty and putrid water and unhygienic living conditions .AEP makes an effort to tell people the problems that arise out of open defecation and use of dirty drinking water. We not only run awareness campaigns but also inform them with a solution to such problems. We try to come up with cost effective ways which can be implemented in low line areas and can be adopted easily by people below poverty line.
Project Srajan:This project aims on helping the differently abled. We host workshops which are designed specifically for these kids, keeping in mind their cognitive thinking pattern.We organize fun and interactive sessions, outdoor sports keeping in mind their abilities. Hand and Thumb Painting,Thread painting workshops for children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome etc. We conduct recreational activities for the visually impaired .We also run awareness campaigns on various disabilities.Apart from workshops and awareness campaigns we also host dance and music competitions for such children to help them showcase their talent. We believe if a person is impaired in one way than, that person is filled with several other qualities. The purpose of such activities is to help them find their hidden talent and bring it to a level where it can reach the masses.

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