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My Brother Has Forgotten How To Breathe, Help Him RE-LEARN Everything


If you knew my brother, Akbar Ali - you would agree that he is a kind, friendly and decent boy, who lives up to his name (Akbar means ‘great’). And that he loves animals. But what you would find striking about him would be his commitment to his family. He is a responsible son and a very loving brother.

I remember the night very clearly, he would always return home early, no matter what. But only that day he didn’t. He was hit by a drunken driver on  on 23rd Jan 2018 while returning home. He was bleeding from everywhere and had to undergo 5 emergency brain operations with multiple complications along with nose, neck and stomach procedures. He was battling for his life at Apollo Hospitals in Neuro ICU all this while.

His brain injury was so bad, that he has forgotten everything! He needs to re-learn how to breathe through his nose and swallow from his mouth. Currently he is breathing through his trachea pipe and being fed from his stomach pipe.

After 4 months of painful survival, He is currently undergoing treatment at Sakra World Hospital. His last seizure was on 11th June 2018. Further seizure treatment and Neuro Rehabilitation program is his only hope at getting better and living a normal life.

The funds raised will be used towards his:
  • Hospital Expenses
  • Neuro Rehabiliation Program
  • Doctor Consultations
  • Medicines
  • Critical Nursing Care
  • ICU / Rehab Equipment Rentals
All of us are dying to hear his voice and see him smile again. Once he gets better, I'm sure he would love to inspire others on staying strong after a severe traumatic brain injury. Doctors say he is having a miraculous neurological recovery.

Help me save my only brother. He deserves a better (second) life.

Kindly  share the fundraiser with your family and friends and help me reach the goal amount. I cannot thank enough!

Please find the hospital bill estimations from Sakra World Hospital (2 Months) and Apollo Hospitals (First 3 Months). I also have 100+ pages of paid bills for hospital charges, medicines and emergency consultations. Please whatsapp me at 91 - 8050805060 to review the pdf. 

Clinical Summary By Dr. Arun Naik, Chief Neuro Surgeon at Apollo - 2
Clinical Summary By Dr. Arun Naik, Chief Neuro Surgeon at Apollo - 2
Case Verified By Pray Trust Foundation
Case Verified By Pray Trust Foundation
Clinical Summary By Dr. Arun Naik, Chief Neuro Surgeon at Apollo - 1
Clinical Summary By Dr. Arun Naik, Chief Neuro Surgeon at Apollo - 1
Running monthly treatment expenses exceed Rs. 8 lacs. 6 months to go!
Running monthly treatment expenses exceed Rs. 8 lacs. 6 months to go!
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27th July 2018
Withdrawing as and when I am receiving funds from Milaap to complete last week payment.

Akbar Ali's rehab is going great. Left hand and legs are being worked upon with various activities. Thanks for being there!
18th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

I am glad to inform you that Akbar Ali sounds normal when he talks and expresses himself. His stomach pipe has also been removed. Every week he reaches a new milestone which keeps us going!

However whenever he wakes up, he appears to be confused for sometime and cries due to left arm pain. Over the last week, he had one more episode of seizure and took 2 full days to recover. His left side continues to be very weak, including his eye and today we learnt that he has extra bone growth on his left elbow. This has happened due to formation of calcium as he has not been able to move his arm over the last 23 weeks.

To continue my brother's life threatening seizure treatment and strengthen brain signals to the weaker side of his body, Dr. Maheswarappa (HOD, Physical Medicine and Neuro Rehabilitation at Sakra World Hospital) says he needs to stay for another 3-4 months for maximum recovery (Letter attached in the end)

Along with your prayers and support, we will do whatever it takes to make Akbar Ali as normal as possible with Almighty's grace. He is also putting all his efforts and doing his best to get back! - to home, to work, to inspire and to a brand new life that awaits him outside hospitals.

If you know anyone who is looking for a flat in Bangalore, kindly message me on whatsapp at 91 - 8050805060 as we are looking at selling our home for Akbar Ali's continued treatment. The expenses seem never ending. Attached is the HOD's advice and estimated cost at Sakra World Hospital.

We wish to be back home before 2018 ends......
7th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

With Almighty's grace Akbar Ali's neck pipe was downsized last week and now it has finally been removed. (we have been waiting for this to happen since February 2018 as most patients have it only for a month)

Many more unbelievable things are happening finally.... I am super excited to share our happiest moments with people who have helped us and continue to help us in the most toughest phase of our lives.  

  • Akbar Ali is breathing through his nose and now trying to talk :-D :-D He conveyed that he is putting a lot of pressure to make sounds. Though he says 1 or 2 words at a stretch in a feeble voice and feels breathless, I understand everything that he says. Mix of writing, lot of actions and making sounds. His verbal communication will only get better from now as his speech valves have finally opened. We are ever grateful to his speech therapist - Dr. Reshma
  • Akbar Ali now positions himself using hospital bed remote. It is such a joy to watch him sit from sleeping position on his bed. When his nurse comes to give him feed through his stomach pipe, he quickly controls the remote to lie down and holds the remote tightly to himself :) We are so grateful to Dr. Jumanna for all her efforts.
  • My brother walks faster than before with two people holding him from both sides. Basically faster reflexes than before. Rehab works wonders! A million thanks to Akbar Ali's physiotherapist - Dr. Vivek
Here is our daily schedule except sundays. On Sundays, it is full day family time. 

4:30am bathing

5.30 eye, neck, stomach dressings

7: 00am feed

8:00am position change

9:00am feed + medicines

9.30 doctors rounds and updates + injection to avoid blood clotting as physical activity is very less compared to normal people

10:00 dress change, ready for rehab

11:00 rehab (physio and occupational therapies)

1:00 back to ward. dress change. left hand arm to wrist splint. 2 feeds from 11am and 1pm) and medicines

2:00  position change, family time

3:00 feed + dress change + oral feed

3:30 speech therapy + splint removal

4:00 rehab (physio therapy)

5:00 feed + dress change

7:00 feed + family time + oral feed

9:00 feed + medicines + position change

11:00 feed + sitting position

11:30 family time

1:00am position change

3:00am  position change

5:00am bath + position change.....

This is our relaxed schedule now.

Your prayers, contributions, wishes, support, inspirational messages and more has got us so far.

We need to be in hospital for 3 months more for my brother's maximum recovery. Today he has absolutely no balance and his one side is extremely weak. Stomach pipe will be removed once he learns to eat well. Dr. Maheshwarappa, HOD - Rehabilitation at Sakra World Hospital keeps a close watch on Akbar Ali and plans his treatment accordingly over the next couple of months.

Request you to share this fundraiser with your family and friends. I will be in a better position to answer billing executives.

Many thanks for being there...

Arjuman Amjad
Akbar Ali's Sister

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God Bless You, You Will Get Well Soon