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Help Srithan Fight With Leukemia

Ravi Krishna's son should be in school. He should be fighting with his brother, throwing tantrums, playing football, and annoying his parents all day long. Unfortunately, all this little boy does, is cry out in pain until it echoes through the house. He hardly eats, and he is certainly frightened of the disease that seems to be killing him slowly from within.

Srithan was finishing his exams when he complained of stomach ache. We first thought it was simply a cry to get out of exams. When it continued through the holidays, we believed it was the junk food. Even the local doctor prescribed medicines for his bowels. He said it could be a stomach infection. Months went by, and my son’s pain only got worse. He begged us to take him elsewhere.

When he stopped eating, we sought an opinion at Kanchi Kamakoti hospital. The doctor told us that his hemoglobin levels were far below normal, and lab results confirmed that Srithan had Leukemia.  

Srithan cannot understand what is happening to him. As his father, I do not have the courage to explain. He is extremely scared of going to the hospital. He comes because he is close to his mother and will go wherever she goes.

Sudha is staying strong for him. She has not shed a single tear as she does not want to scare him, and also because nobody else knows about Srithan’s illness. We cannot send him to school. He will easily get infections.

How you can help
We need Rs. 10 Lakhs so he can have chemotherapy, medicines, blood transfusions and more over the next 3 years. Where can we get so much from? If I can’t make it, then I have to let go of my son. God has put us in a terrible position.
Help srithan
Help srithan
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22nd June 2018
Dear Supporters,
Thank you all for your support.

Srithan is comparatively feeling better now. He visits doctor weekly once regularly. His regular medication is going on. Yesterday we visit doctor, some Lumbar puncture test has done, results are positive and some injections have given. He started going school from last week. Thank you very much to Milaap team and every one who blessed my son.

 Please keep praying for him

Thank you so much,
Ravi Krishna
14th March 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the support that you have shown towards Srithan. He is doing better now compared to earlier. He is undergoing chemotherapy and has completed the intensive chemotherapy cycles. His response to the treatment also has been positive.

Thank you all once again for all the love and support. Please do pray for his health and speedy recovery. Will keep you posted.

17th February 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the support that you have shown towards Srithan. He is doing better now compared to earlier. Last week bone marrow aspiration was done. The reports came and the doctors suggest that he has completed the chemotherapies.

He is in the maintenance period at present. He will be undergoing few blood tests every week and injections. Additionally, he will be on medication which the doctors will be changing based on his health and recovery.

He could recover this quickly due to all of your blessings. I would like to take a moment to thank all the supporters and well-wishers for all the love, support and blessings that you have shown towards Srithan.

Thank you!
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