Get Subramaniah back on his feet: Scrap collector severely injured.

Subramaniah, aged 52 years, along with his son are scrap collectors in Marenahalli Bande, on the outskirts of Bangalore,  with an average income of Rs. 6000 a month.

Grievous injuries were sustained by him while collecting scrap recently when a portion of a building crashed down on him. He has undergone a surgery in addition to breaking his ribs and collar bone. Due to the accident, he has lost hearing sensation in his left ear and has several blood clots.

The sudden fall of a door frame and a portion of the building's ceiling has affected his lungs due to the compression. His lungs were already weak due to asthma contracted while working in a stone quarry in the past.

The cost of the surgery was Rs. 30,000 and other treatment costs have been Rs. 10,000 so far. These injuries will prevent him from working for the next six months. His son will now be the sole earning member for a family of 5 and cannot handle the medical expenses in addition to the reduced income.

Subramaniah is the uncle of Karthika Annamalai ( who is helping him raise funds online for his medical expenses.

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30th June 2016
Dear Supporters,
I am Vishnu Rao, a Milaap Open Fellow from Bangalore. I met with Karthika a few weeks back to discuss about the campaign she set up to raise funds for her uncle Subramaniah, who is recovering from an accident. 
Karthika’s uncle Subramaniah is a scrap dealer. He usually goes around the locality he lives in, collecting scrap, mostly metal and plastics which he then sells for a profit. He commutes around on his bicycle normally. One day while going about his routine collections, he stopped at a cow shed to gather the material he received from a client. A portion of the structure that was weak and crumbling, collapsed on him. He had multiple injuries and fractures. He had broken ribs, broken facial bones, and even a fractured leg. A lot of dust settled around his injuries and infected them. To add to his discomfort, Subramaniah is also asthmatic, and this worsened his situation further. 
After the incident, he was rushed to Vaidehi hospital for treatment. He received immediate life saving medical assistance from the hospital. All treatment for the first 48 hours was done free of cost for him. Subsequent medical treatments at Vaidehi had also been provided at reduced costs to him. Apart from the initial assistance, he had to undergo two  surgeries at the hospital. The Milaap campaign helped him cover the cost of the surgeries along with the  food and medication bills. 
He was discharged about two weeks ago and is out of harm's way at the moment. He has lost his hearing in his right ear due to the impact of the injury. The doctors say that he should regain hearing in his right ear soon. He has lost his stamina to walk for longer durations.. He can walk merely for  two minutes at a time before his leg starts swelling and tiredness sets in. He is undergoing physical therapy sessions right now to regain his physical strength. A complete recovery is definitely possible but is a long and difficult process.
Karthika was very pleased with the alacrity with which the campaign raised funds. In hardly a week’s time, the family was able to repay all hospital debts and even save some funds for his recovery. 

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