Fundraising to design a drone and participate in AUVSI competition in Maryland. Support our project!

Why am I fundraising?

We, the team ZeppelinFC-26 have made a drone which is completely autonomous and its highlight features are-
1.Completely autonomous take-off, flight and landing.
2.Mid-flight retasking i.e. it can change its path whenever we want it to.
3.Live video telemetry, it can provide you a live video feed even when its 32kms away from you.
4.Air-drop mechanism, It can drop an egg or a bomb or anythng else wherever you want on your single click.

We have made this to take part in competition named "AUVSI Student Unmanned Air Systems(SUAS) 2015". AUVSI SUAS is held every year in USA and is judged by the military officials of US Army. Teams from all over the world participate in this competition and help in the development of drone technology.

We wish to take part in this competition as we think that we can learn a lot from there and make drone technology more popular in India as we plan to start manufacturing of drone chassis and provide them at cheaper rates to the potential hobbyists in India who cant afford the expensive Drone chassis available on Indian sites today. As more people in India will get their hands on this Expesive hobby, it will help our country a lot in this field.

The amount required for active participation in AUVSI SUAS 2015 is huge and the support we have got from our college is quite small. Being from a middle-class family and studying in a private institution  which charges us a hefty amount as tution fee makes it even more difficult to put forward our best as robotics is an expensive field. Also we have just completed our project 'ROBOMINTON' in which we made two badminton playing robots which were demonstrated in the "YONEX-SUNRISE 2015 INDIA OPEN BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIP (24-29 March'15)" (See the video on the URL provided) which leaves us with no money in our pockets to carry forward this big project.

What do I plan to do with the funds?

The competition is of 5 days(17th-22nd June), the approximate per head cost inclusive of development of UAV, airfare, lodging and other expenses is INR1,20,000
We plan to take 4 of our team members to USA for this competition. Hence, the amount required comes out to be INR4,80,000

We, the team members have worked day & night for 4 months continuously to complete this project, in parallel with other projects and our academics.
We seek your kind cooperation so that our hard-work doesn't go waste.
Please help us!

Thanks in advance

Vaibhav Gangwar

Rahul Kumar


Rachit Mittal

Nipun Sachdeva

Divyani Jain

Shivangi Mittal

Siddhartha Bhatia

Rohit Sikka

Krishna Kumar Sharma

Shivam Kalra

Rohan Rustagi


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8th February 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thanks to all of you for your contributions!

We take great pride in informing you that the team ZeppelinFC-26 from Northern Indian Engineering College actively participated in the competition named AUVSI Student Unmanned Air Systems (SUAS) 2015, held in the US. The funds they raised on Milaap were utilized in buying batteries and transmitter for the drone.

Here are a few pictures we have of the competition to share with you all:

Their hard work truly paid off. They won a cash prize of USD 400 and were highly appreciated for their project. After coming back to India, the team was approached by Pumpkin Studios. They assisted the studio in an advertisement for Parle 20-20.

We are extremely proud of their success and wish them luck in all their future projects.
Heartfelt congratulations!

Team Milaap

8th April 2015

8th April 2015

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Radhaswami donated Rs.2,500
about 3 years ago
Aniruddha donated Rs.2,500
about 3 years ago

Hey Vaibhav best wishes to you and your crew. Have tried to spread the word you guys a true source of pride and inspiration for all of us. Keep up the great work.

Balasubramanian donated Rs.5,000
about 3 years ago
Nishant donated Rs.1,000
about 3 years ago

I’m always rooting for you. I’m your biggest fan. Best of luck to you! My money is on you. You’re a sure bet!

Rachit donated Rs.500
about 3 years ago

Godspeed to all

Arti donated Rs.500
about 3 years ago

All d best (y)