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I am Sankirtan Das , a  Vaishnava , living a life of renunciation in ShriDham Vrindavan-dedicated mylife for GoMata Sew in Vrindavan-my endeavour is to provide a little bit of support for the street cows  here who are suffering coz of lack of grazing field and not being fortunate to get place in any Goshala-so I need your utmost co-operation and support in my effort, with your help and support I shall be able to buy fresh grass and cow feeds on a day to day basis for these street cows wandering here and there without proper nutrition and food, I understand my this little effort with your help , shall not be able to provide food and nutrition to all street cows, but if fews cann be taken care of , that ahqll bring in inspiration for all-I am the servant if your servants, just living by the Mercy of Radharani-please Help the feeding of the Streer cows in Vrindavan-Sankirtan Das us my initiated name given by my spiritual.maatee, HH Jayapataka Swamy of ISKCON, my academic name being Jayanta S Biswas, I had my education from Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission and Allahabad University-After settling down in Vrindavan, I was really alarmed and shocked to see the plight of the street cows here whi do not get foidcoz they were not given any shelter in Goshala and who are suffering ciz their grazing fields are converted into the jungl es of concrete-plzz help me to serve those GOMATAS in Sri Dham Vrindavan

The street cows being fed by me in Vidyapith Chowrahain Vrindavan
The street cows being fed by me in Vidyapith Chowrahain Vrindavan
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11th May 2018
Dear Supporters,
Thank you all for your support.

With the help of your contributions, we have been able to accommodate 30 cows in our shelter. We found some of them in a very bad condition. All the raised funds were utilized for the medical and feeding purposes mostly. We feed 300 Kgs of Grass to the cows daily.

Thank you all for your support which you have shown towards these voiceless animals, thank you so much.

Sankirtan Das
raised of Rs.50,000 goal

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