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Help transform a special needs child's life today!

Gopal, currently a smiling, cheerful 4 year old was born after 8 years of marriage and 2 abortions/miscarriages in a Government hospital in Bhopal.  Unfortunately,  he was also born preterm at 7 months with very low birth weight and delayed cry. He was shifted to a Private hospital and was on ventilator,incubator and medications. After a long struggle he was discharged after one and a half months. His parents had to mortgage their land and the mother's jewelry to pay the hospital bills but the family was very happy to take him home.  As he grew older,  the family realized that he was not able to do most activities as children of his age.  They  consulted a few doctors who advised therapy but they could not afford the charges. Gopal at 3 years was first  seen in Aadhar and he could not raise his neck, could barely move his arms and had minimal movement in his legs.  All he  could  do was cry  and smile.  After therapy for one and a half year, Gopal can now say few syllables,he can stand unaided and with help can also walk, can feed himself. The parents are thrilled with his progress!

Who are we?
Aadhar Centre  is a Child Welfare Organization formed by Doctors, Therapists & Professional Counselors and is devoted to assist and aid the growth of a child into a healthy & socially responsible human being. Aadhar was set up on the 27th of September 2004 and is based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. There are mainly 2 divisions of Aadhar- Child Development Division and Psychological Counselling Division. These divisions cater to children with developmental, behavioral, emotional and learning difficulties, from birth to 19 years.

Why do we need funding?
We have been providing therapy to special needs children. We currently have 16 special needs below poverty line children, suffering from autism, cerebral palsy who require therapy on a regular basis. 

How much funding do we need?
Each therapy costs Rs. 5000 and each child requires 12 therapies over 12 months. We want to raise the money for 16 kids to provide them therapy for at least a year.

How can you support?
No donation amount is less. Please contribute so that we can provide regular therapies to these children. If you are based out of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India and want to volunteer or feel that you could make a difference in some other way, please feel free to reach out at 

Be a part in adding smiles to a lot more children like Gopal. They need your support in the form of money, love and even volunteers!

If you believe in us, please share this story with your friends and relatives.
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2nd July 2018
Grandparents' day celebration at Aadhaar-

Grandparents’ Day is celebrated to honor grandparents, to give them an opportunity to show love for their children’s children, and to help children become aware of the strength, information, and guidance elders can offer. It is celebarted on 9th September worldwide, however, Aadhar celebrated it on 1st June, 2018 with the purpose of inculcating the  guidance, wisdom, and knowledge of the grandparents in the lives of their grandchildren. The motive of the gathering was to involve them in the therapy process and to observe closely the development and improvement of their grandchildren. The grandparents were welcomed and were encouraged to play some riveting and interesting games and at the end, prizes were distributed to the winners. They were asked for their feedback on their grandchildren’s improvement and were also given flowerpots as mementos made by them. The satisfaction and the joy of all the grandparents could be seen by the smiles on their faces and their participatory nature. It was indeed a day full of enthusiasm and radiance for Aadhar that day!
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