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Need Rs.50,000
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Why am I fundraising?

I have this maid who comes to my place for cleaning and washing of clothes. Her father in law had taken a loan to purchase an autorickshaw for living. Her husband used to drive the rickshaw for a living.  They have four children , who have been admitted to English medium schools fit a bright future.

One fine day her husband was arrested for some reason I am unaware of. After that, she has been working day and night to take care of the household expenditure, her children's education and the basic expenses. She has been unable to repay the outstanding loan amount. Now, the bank has given get a notice of 1week. If she doesn't pay the loan her house will be confiscated and she and get children will have no shelter.

It came to me as a surprise since I always thought that not repaying a loan on a vehicle would mean that the vehicle would be confiscated. However, in this case, the house had been put as a guarantee . The vehicle which is depreciated doesn't interest the b bank who wants to confiscate the house.

Request you all to help to the female and get kids so that they are not thrown out of the house.

What do I plan to do with the funds?

Will give the entire money to the female.


Can't think of any questions. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

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