Let us give every child a RIGHT TO PLAY!

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Art of Play’s mission "is to transform physical education in India’s government school." There are over 2 million nonprofits in India but we are one of the handful working towards providing a holistic physical education based curriculum in government schools.

Why is Physical Education/ Sports important?
There is significant evidence that sports has a positive effect on a child's health, emotional well-being, social skills & academic performance. It is also directly responsible for reducing the school dropout rates. Inspite of this, physical education remains one of the most neglected aspects in schools in India. A comprehensive physical education program is the most practical and scalable way to give every child in India an opportunity to play and benefit from sports irrespective of gender, economic background, caste, or religion.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?
There are close to 1 million government schools in India, that cater to almost 198 million children. If lucky, the school has 1 Physical education teacher who is responsible for 500 - 800 students from class first to eighth. Laxmibai National Institute of Physical Education located in Gwalior has contributed fairly to the cause by producing over 8400 physical education graduates at different levels - Graduate, Post Graduate, MPhil and PhD.  So only 8400 PE teachers graduated in 60 years from India's premium physical education institute? We are a nation of 1.2 billion, we should be able to do better. 

The direct impact of having such few PE teachers in India is that a lot of government schools do not even hire a Physical Education teacher at all. What really happens then is that a Math or a Science teacher is assigned to do the job or an untrained candidate is hired by the school on a contractual basis. The current PE teachers we are working with have not received any formal training in the last eight years.

Our teachers feel ill-equipped as there are no readily available assessment methods, teacher training programs or defined learning methodology for sports education. A typical PE class would look like this - about 40 students running around with a football for 40 minutes without any structure. As a result of this, an average student receives less than 30 minutes of physical education in a week. The global average for physical education is 96 minutes per week.

How are we solving the problem?
An assessment based curriculum for children that not only focuses on their social, physical and emotional skills but also has an impact on their academic performance and soft skills. We provide a multi-disciplinary sports curriculum in which students experience multiple sports, free hand exercises and athletics. The curriculum is designed to lead students into solving problems on field and as a result learn essential life skills.

We will provide schools with baseline results, quarterly and annual results of social, physical and emotional skills of the students based on an assessment module that we have made. Schools will be provided with an annual report for every child at the end of the year. This will help schools determine changes that need to be made in the physical education curriculum.

A 40- hour and a 60-hour simplified training program for coaches and physical education teachers. In this program, we will identify a physical education teacher’s competency and define the teacher’s learning objective. Teachers will be introduced to assessment tools to measure student skills and to maximise in-action time for every child on the field. This program could be taught to even a Maths or Science teacher.

Our Impact
We have successfully worked with over 3000 students, 30 teachers and 35 schools across 3 states in India. Our direct involvement in these programs has produced 20% improvement in physical skills and 10% improvement in social & emotional skills of the children involved in the programs. Our founding team has won the prestigious Wipro’s Founders Fellowship and are also recipients of the Change Looms Fellowship by Pravah. We are a registered section 8 company, and have obtained the 12AA and 80G Certificate. 

Success Stories
Nitin was 12 years old when he first joined our program. His mom was the sole bread winner from his family. Nitin smoked his first cigarette when he was 10 years old. After joining our program, within a year Nitin was leading his school teams in various tournaments. He became a role model for his classmates. He never smoked again.

Jaswinder Singh, a physical education teacher from Shehazadpur was a part of our teacher training program in Ambala. It took us two months of training and endless conversations to make him leave his favourite chair. Today he is our champion and tells us that he has never been happier.

What will your donation help achieve?
We believe that every child in India has a RIGHT TO PLAY. Our aim is to reach the 198 million children in India’s government schools in the next 5 years. We have taken the first steps towards our vision but we now need YOU to help us accelerate the progress and attain our goal. We need resources for-
  • technology to capture rich data during assessments and analyze this data to provide insights
  • conduct sporting events, buy sports equipment, hire expertise and build capacity on our team
  • research and develop to constantly upgrade our knowledge and programs
We aim to now extend the program and provide expertise, infrastructure and well-researched interventions through our programs to 15,000 children, 40 physical education teachers, in 150 schools the states of Haryana and Delhi in 2018 and your donation will help us achieve this. We also plan to conduct 8 tournaments this year, where we will identify 100 champion athletes. We will publish short profiles of these athletes on our website at the end of the year and you can see for yourself children whose lives were positively impacted because of your donation.

Help us give every child in India a RIGHT TO PLAY!

A letter of appreciation from a physical education teacher!
A letter of appreciation from a physical education teacher!
Change is a kick away!
Change is a kick away!
In the News!
In the News!
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14th August 2018
Thank you, everyone, for donating. Currently, we are working with 80 government schools in Faridabad and Ambala. 6 of our girls have made it to the district football team. 1 of our girls has made it to the state team.

12th November 2016
Guys, with your help, we have bought 50 football, 36 sets cones, whistles and hand pumps for 12 schools. We are so eternally thankful to you. Please spread a word about us to help buy first aid kits, portable goalposts and discs for every school. We still need to raise INR 48,100.
Have a great weekend!!
9th November 2016
Guys, thanks for your support. We have raised 45,100 INR. Since our first workshop date with teacher is closing down, we are going to start buying the equipment from today. Share this post widely Help us raise the remaining amount. 
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