Furniture for Sphoorti Dining Hall

Sphoorti Foundation runs a Home for Children in Dundigal, Medchal district, Telangana. We currently have about 150 children in our campus. We plan to increase the number of children to 200 in the current academic year.

The campus has a kitchen + dining hall under construction. It has been sponsored by the UK based Lebara Foundation.

Through this campaign, we wish to garner support to purchase necessary furniture for the dining hall (tables and chairs) and kitchen (stove).

Here are the details:
a) We will need 12 sets of
1 stainless steel bench (Table top size : 3’ W x 7.5 ’ L x 2 1⁄2’ H)
2 benches (Bench size : 1’ W x 6’ L x 15” H)
Each set costs Rs 18,200 (incl taxes)
Total = 12 x 18,200 = Rs 218,400

b) A 3-burner stove - Rs 40,000

c) 200 sets of (Stainless Steel plate + tumbler) -
Each set costs Rs 200.
Total = 200 x Rs 200 = Rs 40,000

We seek a total support of Rs. 300,000

As children come back from Summer break around June 15th, we hope to arrange the required furniture by that time. 
Kitchen under construction
Representative pic of the furniture in Dining Hall

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26th June 2017
Dear friends, thank you for your consistent support to all Sphoorti campaigns for more than a year.
Currently, we are constructing our kitchen and also arranging for the necessary furniture - tables and benches in the dining area.

With support from friends like you, so far, we have been able to place an order for benches and tables. We hope your blessings will help us complete our campaign soon and our children will have sufficient number of benches and tables.

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