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This International Women's Day, fundraise with me to help ex-Devadasi women build their financial independence - one microloan at a time



*17 Mar, UPDATE #2: We hit that new goal over the weekend but many of you have pre-pledged your support, so to accommodate the pending contributions and make the most of the remaining 2 weeks, I've upped the target again
*13 Mar, UPDATE: I've been overwhelmed with the incredible support of generous friends! THANK YOU! In that same yes-you-can spirit, I'm raising my target goal to $2000 - the more the merrier, right?
This International Women's Day, I'm thrilled to be one of 25 'champions' working with Milaap on an issue close to my heart: helping marginalized women break out of cycles of personal and financial disempowerment.
Who are these women? Ex-Devadasis in Southwest India, who are trying to gain financial empowerment and build small businesses through microloans. Long story short: The Devadasi system in India is an ancient practice where young girls are dedicated as temple servants to Indian goddesses. Sadly, decades of forced sexual abuse has morphed this practise, and today many of them (and their children) are trapped in prostitution. Today, many of these ex-Devadasi women fortunate enough to escape this plight simply want to look after themselves, feed their family, send them to school, make a decent wage, live comfortably. Y'know, do their own thang, like the rest of us lucky people.
As an Indian woman with the luck of the birth lottery, living in a 'first world' city (even if it's the most expensive city in the world!), you can see how it's a particularly compelling cause.
Are you still on the fence? Then consider that this is a micro-LOAN, and you'll be repaid in full in monthly instalments.
I'm grateful to have met Milaap, and learn of the good work it does with its field partner MASS. MASS provides financial support to former Devadasi women like Mahananda to start small businesses like tailoring, rearing livestock, and running small shops. These businesses help pay their children’s school fees, save for their old age, and generate jobs for their families. Education and a secure environment will offer their children a better future, help them integrate back into society, and eventually break the vicious cycle of the merciless Devadasi practice.
May the Force be with you,

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May the force be with you!

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From Rajen & Constance, and on behalf of Auntie June & Krishna!

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Great cause. Hope you reach your target. Prem