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3-Month-Old Baby Needs An Urgent operation
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    Sonu Sharma

    from Mumbai, Maharashtra


Everytime I come home, my daughters Ankita and Bhumika, who are seven and five years old, go to the other room and start whispering amongst themselves. They talk to me only when I ask them something. Both my daughters have been angry at me because I’ve kept them away from their baby brother since the last 3 months. My son came into this world on October 30, 2017 and not once have my daughters held him in their arms or read out the poems they had been reciting to my wife’s belly before his birth.
My son was born with complications that make him extremely sensitive to touch. Ever since he came into this world, he has lived with us only for 12 days. Since November, we’ve just been taking rounds of different hospitals in search of a solution that would save his life. My son was born with a large tumour on his back. Water started getting accumulated in his spine. With time, the doctors said that the water had even reached his brain. The doctors said that he would need a surgery to become normal again. The cost of the surgery, however, has made my world come down crumbling. The treatment is going to cost us a staggering total of Rs. 12 lakh. No matter what I do, I do not have the capability of providing such a big amount. The treatment won’t start without the funds that are needed to save his life. How will I save my son’s life, this thought hasn’t let me sleep peacefully. Please help me save my son’s life - he means the world to me.
My name is Sonu Sharma. Last year, I met with an accident that left me completely bedridden for 3 months. I couldn’t walk properly even after 3 months. That accident didn’t just cost me a whopping Rs. 2.5 lakh, it even costed me my job. I’ve been jobless for a year now. I have just been living off my savings. That has barely been enough for my family consisting of 4 members. Before I could even get out of this mess, fate has put me in another grave situation. The scary bit is that if I fail to pay the amount required to save my son on time, I will lose him. I haven’t come to terms with this ruthless fact of life yet. I’m not prepared to let go off my son’s hand. He had just come into our lives.
It all started with a sonography that left us completely shattered in the seventh month of my wife’s pregnancy. It revealed a lump on my baby’s back. We had terrifying thoughts about what that could be. The doctors said that if the baby is delivered and operated at that point, it would have many complications. So we decided to wait till the baby is born so we have less battles to fight.  
Sonu is struggling to save his newborn son’s life. With your help in the form of donations, he can afford the surgery his son needs.
10 days before the due date, my wife started feeling suffocated. We rushed to the hospital. While my wife’s labour pain hadn’t started, the doctors recommended an immediate delivery because our baby was suffocating too. They said something that made my blood run cold. They said that if I don’t operate immediately, I could lose them both. I just didn’t know how to react to that. I don’t remember how I got myself to sign the papers. With God’s grace, both my wife and child were safe. And unfortunately, so was the tumour.  
My son’s tumor burst 4 days after his birth. I took him to hospitals in Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai just to look for a bed. After moving 7 hospitals in Mumbai, I finally found one bed in Surya Hospital. While I’ve found the place that can give him a better life, I don’t have the money I need to make it happen. My son’s tiny body has already gone through enough, please help me put an end to all his sufferings.  

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