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When we achieve something in life and have time to look into the past and see what we have done and does it have change the world we ever want it to be, that's kind of thinking lead the corporate employees like us to start doing something which is really mean something and which can change the world we ever wish could be so we started an star initiative which strives to enable the poor and vulnerable living in rural area of delhi to realize their hidden potential and to help themselves.

 Rural part of delhi is also home to a large number of migrants from poorer parts of India, the destitute, deserted women, runaway children and beggars living in squatter settlements along the city sewers, under bridges and in parks. They have poor access to health and education facilities and employment opportunities. Most of them work in the informal sector as daily wage labourers, rag pickers, maids, vegetable vendors and petty shopkeepers. Women, in particular, are vulnerable as they observe purdah (female seclusion) and are often discouraged from leaving the basti without an escort, making it difficult for them to seek health care facilities or livelihood options. Social conventions, such as early marriages and female seclusion also ensure that girls stay at home without getting an education.

 In August last year, the star initiative received a generous grant to set up a Computer and Basic English facility training center. This center gives students hands-on experience and practical training in computer application and communication. In this course, they are taught the basics of computer, ms office applications and basic english communication.

 The training center plays another major role in the star initiative . One of the major hurdles facing the community is economic. Community people often approach the star initiative for jobs.

 To solve these problem and to provide livelihood to these people we have started to provide small call center services to the domestic industry which in turn can generate employment for these community people. But to create and manage the infrastructure to operate a small call center needs fund which we are currently in short of. So we request you to please help us to build our small business so these people can have good socio economic life for which everyone is entitled for and they dnt have to beg or engage in some immoral activity which they dnt want to pursue.

 In its efforts to respond to the livelihood needs of the community, the star initiative attempts to harness skills and channel them into ventures that will bring in money. There is no dearth of talent. All that people need are the opportunities. Providing opportunities is what the star initiative is all about.

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