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Soaprise: A Soap That Changes Lives
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    Women from village Karkar in Ghaziabad

    from New Delhi, Delhi

“Far far from gusty waves these children’s faces.
Like rootless weeds, the hair torn round their pallor:
The tall girl with her weighed-down head. The paper-seeming
boy, with rat’s eyes. The stunted, unlucky heir
Of twisted bones, reciting a father’s gnarled disease,...."

Most of us have these lines memorised by rote thanks to our English curriculum in school. But it was upon visiting Karkar village that we truly saw and understood  the abysmal living conditions these lines refer to.
Karkar Mandi is a place on the periphery of Delhi with overcrowded houses, leaking roofs, lack of drainage or running water, lack of hygiene and sanitation. The people here have no sustainable sources of income and no activities to engage in. Their physical well being is affected by the environment they live in while the unfulfilled desires of their hearts affects their mental being.
Thus, we saw an opportunity to take action and create a change in the lives of people of Karkar village with Project Soaprise which alleviates two major problems in Karkar, the problem of economic depravity and hygiene and sanitation.


Enactus is an international non-profit organisation that seeks to impact the lives of people in need through the positive effects of business. At Enactus Hindu College, students from various disciplines are committed towards bringing sustainable change in society through innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

The reasoning that improved hand hygiene compliance contributes to the prevention of health care-associated infections is widely accepted. Even then, 7,00,00,000 + people in India alone have never used a soap and don't know what it is.
1 child dies every 15 seconds
from a disease that could’ve been prevented with soap. Therefore, it is time that soaps are made accessible to all and hygiene education is imparted.
For achieving this, Enactus Hindu started Project Soaprise.


In a community where toys are a privilege and hygiene conditions are abysmal, Soaprise is a perfect fix, since it an anti bacterial toy soap.
Project Soaprise aims to spread awareness among the less fortunate about better hygiene and sanitation practices and to reduce the significant number of deaths caused due to this reason, especially amongst children.
The project will create employment opportunities for the group of beneficiaries who earlier had no avenue of work. This will enable them to have a stable source of income and aid them to enhance their standard of living.

 We need 50,000 INR to turn our vision into a reality. Your contribution will be instrumental in the journey of 5 women as they successfully take on the roles of entrepreneurs.
The funds raised through this campaign will be utilized in setting up a micro soap manufacturing enterprise in Karkar. The estimated cost for this is as follows:
Moulds (350*10)         =3,500
Mixing Bowls (200*5)  =1,000
Knives, Graters, Spatulas,
Mixing Spoons.                =3,000
Cooking Pots (250*6).    =1,500
Refrigerator.                      =16,000
Gas Stoves.                       =14,500
Testing and Certification.  =8,000

We need change and the people here themselves have to be the agents of the change. Soaprise is trying to to be a catalyst of this process by enabling the women of Karkar to become entrepreneurs, producing a product that not only helps them become financially independent but also alleviates the widespread problem of hygiene in Karkar.

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