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This Farmer Will Not Let Cancer Take His Daughter Away From Him

“She has cancer. She is in the hospital getting weaker every day from chemo, and I cannot even go see her. I am her father. People just assume I that I am a rock, but this is killing me!”

8-year-old Sindrilla was named after the fairytale character because she was a dream come true for her parents. She is the closest to her father, and now for a month, she has only seen him through a glass wall once in a week. Sindrilla is fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Her father, a farmer is toiling to fund her treatment.

Sindrilla had a high fever for weeks

Over a month ago, Sindrilla had a fever. The family lives in a village 58 km away from Coimbatore. The local doctor tried treating her with regular medicines and she did not show any improvement. Vinod brought his daughter to a hospital in Coimbatore where even after 20 days of admission, the doctors did not have a diagnosis.

“I brought her back home. Premkumari and I were puzzled about her condition. One day the fever was so high that I had to rush her to Kuppuswamy Hospital. In 2 days, they told us that she had blood cancer.

Cancer turned their world upside down

At first, this father went into shock. He did not speak and refused to accept that his daughter had cancer. The doctors consoled and convinced him that Sindrilla can be treated if they started right away. Unable to do anything more, he gave in.

“The minute I heard her diagnosis I felt like I died. Sindrilla has been getting chemotherapy at the hospital. She cannot leave the ward as her body is vulnerable to infections. She had to leave school, her friends and cannot interact with anyone. I can feel my daughter shrinking into depression.

I do not even get to see my sick daughter

Vinod is unable to afford her treatment, but he is working hard and asking for help. What is really hurting him is not being able to see his daughter. Although the hospital is close to his home, he is not allowed to visit so she does not succumb to an infection. At the most, he visits her once a week and communicates with her across a glass wall.

“I feel dead inside not being able to be there for my daughter. Even my 3-year-old is crying for his mother and sister. How do I explain this situation to him Sometimes I am not able to bear the pain, I just sneak in and see her through the glass. She is already depressed being away, the more I go, the more she will miss home. So, we are just stuck in this dreadful situation.”

How can you help

Sindrilla needs chemotherapy to fight this disease, and it will cost the family Rs. 6 lakhs. Vinod has borrowed Rs. 1 lakh from friends and family, as he had only Rs. 20,000 in savings. Now, he is struggling to provide a decent day’s meal for his 3-year-old.

Your contribution can save Sindrilla’s life and help her return home to her father. 
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19th April 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your tremendous support. We couldn't have done this without you.

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you all that my baby, Sindrilla, has been discharged form the hospital and is doing well now.

She successfully underwent chemotherapy though she had some minor side effects, like fever. But it was controlled via medicines. She currently is back home and cheerful. She feels a little tired but that will cure with time.

We are required to take her for a monthly checkup for five years to closely monitor her progress. She will also be undergoing a Bone Marrow test once every six months for five years. We will forever be grateful to you for being so supportive. It is heartening to have her back home. Thank you all, once again!
15th November 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is a quick update on Sindrilla.
Sindrilla is currently on consolidation chemotherapy on OP basis. Her health status is gradually improving at present.

Thank you for your support and love.
13th October 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Sindrilla.
Sindrilla has completed her 2nd chemotherapy cycle and has been discharged. She will report to the hospital for her 3rd chemotherapy cycle on 20th October 2017. Currently, she is responding well and is progressing.
Thank you for your kind contribution, through this we assured her that "No one fights alone".

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All the best to Sindrilla and her family. May the almighty give her and her family the strength to get through this

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God bless her!