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When I was 18 and it was time for college, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I didn’t know who I was. *How could I. How could any of us? For the first 25 years of our lives, we are trained to listen to voices that are not our own. Society and professors fill our heads with wisdom and information, and then employers and mentors take their place and explain how this world really works. And usually these voices of authority make sense, but sometimes, doubt starts to creep into our heads and into our hearts. And even when we think, ‘that’s not quite how I see the world,’ it’s kind of easier to just to nod in agreement and go along, and for a while, I let that going along define my character. I was so much indulged in listening to everybody that I couldn’t even hear voices of my own self*. These voices are my deepest impulses, my instincts. Today, as I have found this voice, I feel a great urge to aid the young like me who are in search of their true self.
I am Siddharth Jain. Today, I am a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Dhanbad with four years of work experience in corporates, start-ups, and research. But this is not the real me. This is someone who wanted the things that circumstances demanded, chased Sharmaji's sons' dreams, and followed the goals set by the conventional standards. This is an average ideal youth. I am someone who wants to put an end to this career trajectory and empower the youth to find their own path.
I am raising funds for the International Youth Initiative Program. I am one of the 40 Global youth leaders selected from across the globe (from over 120 countries) for YIP. The purpose of the International Youth Initiative Program is to foster in young people a holistic understanding of the current challenges humanity faces and to empower them to use entrepreneurial principles and skills to create initiatives and change within themselves that meet these challenges while practicing collaboration and moral integrity.
YIP is an action-oriented venture that seeks to provide young people with opportunities to recognize their potential to work with each other and with communities to enrich their lives and the lives of all those with whom they come into contact. YIP is rooted in an understanding and is aimed at furthering comprehensive sustainable development through a commitment to social harmony and the importance of local solutions to local problems, with the full involvement of local communities. The unique contribution of YIP strives to bring the creative energies of young people into direct contact with the needs and aspirations of local communities.  Through this engagement, YIP facilitates the growth and development of both the young people and the communities in which they develop their activities.

Why am I doing this?
  • To empower others we have to first empower ourselves.
  • The last few years have been those of soul searching for me; of asking questions I wasn’t sure I wanted to be answered, of letting go of all the insecurities and doing things I love, of breaking out of social norms and following my instincts.
  • I started questioning the way things were around me and found out how our perception of life is shaped by the concepts already established in our minds by the education system, community, and authority.
  • I found out that somewhere we suppress our own innate qualities, & desires to conform to the community. This hinders us from finding our true potentials.
  • YIP as a program is helping young people to realize their potentials and their purpose.
  • At YIP, I wish to find ways to fulfill my own purpose.
  • I wish to experience the curriculum as a student and to see how it impacts the lives of people. This will help me develop my own ways to tackle this problem.
  • Read more: My Why
Tuition = 600000 INR
Travel/VISA = 50000 INR
Food = 150000 INR
Total = 800000 INR
Money to be Raised = 600000 INR 
Rest (200000 + miscellaneous cost) will be funded by my savings. 

Though it is honestly so uncomfortable to ask for financial help, the reality is that it would be difficult for me to attend the program without this fundraiser. You can show your love by sharing the cause.
I am deeply grateful for your support.

To know more about the causes I care for, here is the link to my blog.
You can also stalk me on facebook.

*...* Credits: Steven Speilberg's Havard commencement speech.

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