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दुरी एक पानी के गिलास की सुखे होठो तक?
आप के लिए ये दुरी = आपकी और आपके फ्रिज की दुरी |
मेरे लिये ये कुछ किलोमिटर ,कुछ घँटो से लेकर कुछ हप्ते भी हो सकती है।
मेरे लिये ये एक गिलास से लेकर कुछ बूंद भी हो सकती है।

मै करीब आधा भारत हु। मै आपकाही आधा हीस्सा हु।
जिसे प्यास और भूकमरीने  हरा  दिया है।

अगर दिल और दिमाग नहीं सुखा तो।
आईये और मेरे भी जीवन का हिस्सा बनिए।
आइये मुझे भी  जीने का अवसर  दीजिये।

मुझे खुदखुशी से बचा लीजिये।
अगर आपकेपास है एक पानी का "गिलास"?*
तो पिलाके पानी की एक बून्द, मुझे भी जीवनदान दीजिये।

The alarming condition of farmers in India needs to be linked to the socio-economic aspects.Farmers fall into debts because have to face a scarce crops productivity (Inadequate rainfall, water management, GM seeds & etc.)
This increases the risk of their earning and cost of life (Seeds, Health, Daughters marriage & etc.)Often creates a vicious cycle and most of the time, farmers suffer of mental distress. Often they see the suicide as the only solution for their families.

We at Shivprabha have seen, evaluated these problems and hope to solve them by this project. This year, we decided to immediately, support 30 small farmers from Vidharbha who are in debts. The non availability of funds for farming for the coming Monsoon is preying on their minds. We have recently held Shibirs in 4 different places and have found a few Farmers at breaking point.

They just need 20K for seeds, crop protection, Crop Nutrition, which they do not have and cannot raise. This would drive them to the brink of suicide.

Shivprabha has identified 30 such small farmers after talking many farmers of Yavatmal district (most affected district in terms of suicide). They don’t have the monetary strength to start. We therefore decided to help them by raising funds.

Everyday we would provide story of individual for each of these farmers till we raise required fund
We request you all to come forward and save farmers, save our own ANADATTA

50 year old Fakira Bolke grows toor, cotton and jowar in a small village called Lonwadi in the Yavatmal district of Maharashtra. He took a loan of Rs. 30000 to invest in farming expecting a good yield of about 2 quintal of toor, 5 quintal cotton and 2 quintal jowar. However all he had in his hand was just 60 kgs of toor, 30 kgs of Jowar and hardly any cotton all which is just enough for his family's consumption.

He explains how untimely rain has ruined all his crop along with his hopes.

He finds solace in the meditation camps arranged by Shivprabha Charitable Trust in his village but his worries of providing the basic needs to his family remains the same.

When we asked him if he would leave farming if his loans are waived off, he replied with a firm 'No'. He talked about his childhood days when things weren't different than now, however he always wanted to be a farmer and would continue doing that forever.

His elder son, Tukaram has passed class 10 but has little hope that he can study further and so does Shivaji, the younger one who is in class 9 now. Both the young boys have started working in a factory to support their father.

Though Fakira wants to remain a farmer all hid life, he wishes his sons to study and take up some job. "And what about the future of farming? Who would grow food if all the farmers wish their sons to leave farming," we ask him.
"And is there a future for there a future for my sons if they become a farmer," he asks in return.
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