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Help Me Run A Self Defense Class In Schools
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Need Rs.34,25,000
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    from Vaishali

A minor girl sexually harassed.
Newly-wed faces physical abuse by her husband.
Bullying in school left a 15-year-old girl traumatized.

Words we wake up to, every day. The reality is darker than these headlines in the print media, electronic media and digital media.

We Appeal  to the citizen of india support this campaign to make self-defence classes a mandatory part of school and college curricula for female students.

I am ritendra kumar, CEO of Mbric Solution Pvt Ltd. I have one son and daughter. I am very concern about my child for his study and as well as sports or other activity. My daughter she is just 2 years old and going to play school .My son is 7 years old and he is in STD 1. They both studying in different different school.

Mostly I found in school, They involve in activity like dancing, singing, music but in sports(Judo, Karate, Boxing) where kids learn how to self defense there is no such involvement. As a parents I never missed any PTM(Parents meeting in school). Recently I joined my son PTM and class teacher asked from me " Do you want, Your son join chess activity?". I replied "Yes you can enroll my son in this". My next question was "Is there any sports activity?" They answered NO. I tried to know the reason. Class teacher answered me "Parents do not show interest in this activity". When I came out from class and I talked with parents. Their answered was "We come from middle class family and Average school expenses per month is near about 8000 to 10000 Rs per month. How I am going to bear another expenses." Every parents wants their kids Join JUDO, KARATE where they learn how to self defense. A parents who financial freedom they send their kids to sports class but what about those parents who not strong financial.

Same thing happened in my daughter play school. They approached me for dance class for daughter with monthly fee 1500 Rs. Same question any sports activity? They replied "No, I will let you know if we start in future". Last 6 month there is no any message regarding sports.

Everyday We hear  news like RAPE, BULLING, PHYSICAL ABUSE with girl. I approached all the play school near my locality. There is 25 play school in 10 KM radius. My planning is to provide Sports teacher who expert to teach self defense. One teacher cover 3 school with alternate time. I also provide all the materials related to it where parents have no extra burden for sports activity and Play school will not charge extra for this facility.

I will run this program for 1 year. I hope after one year school will add this activity in school syllabus and parents also not get effected in term of finance.

Basic karate kit

  • The Gi
  • The Obi
  • The gum shield

Weapons in karate

  • The Bo
  • The Bokken
  • The Nunchaku
  • The Tonfa

Karate kit for sparring contests

  • Hand and foot pads
  • Athletic ‘box’
  • Head protector


    • Sports teacher fee: 25000*8*12=24,00,000(8 teacher for 1 year)

    • Sports item cost: 65000*25 school=16,25,000

  • Total budget : 40,25,000
    Mbric Solution contribution: 6,00,000
    Required fund : 34,25,000

    Why we need this:

    According to the Crime in India 2016 report by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), around 39 crimes against women are reported every hour in the country. Sadly, we have no data about the ones that go unreported. The National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) report highlights that every third woman in India, since the age of 15, has faced some form of domestic violence – bringing forth the harsh truth that you or the women you know, could have been a victim.

    With every incident, it is becoming more and more imperative for women to know how to protect and defend themselves, if ever the need arises. For a safer world, there’s a crucial requirement to teach self-defense to girls from an early age, so that they grow up to become self-reliant, strong and confident individuals. Self-defense would prepare them for any unforeseen circumstance and can also empower them to help others in time of need.

    Self-defense classes have many benefits apart from just safety. They sharpen your reflexes, keep you fit, reduce stress, raise self-awareness, and also teach you discipline – skills that can help every woman lead a happy and safe life.

    Help us spread this campaign about the urgent importance of self-defense education.
    Let’s come together and build a better society where every individual prospers and enjoys freedom, equality and respect.

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