Help Save My 6-month-old Baby

Why am I fundraising?

My name is Prashanth. I am fundraising to help my girl baby. She is admitted in NICU at Manipal Hospital Bangalore, from 9th October 2015, the day she was born, baby and has undergone 3 major surgeries till today Tracheostomy; Gastrostomy and Craniofacial (chin Surgery). She suffers from breathing problems from day 1 and is fighting for her life. She has a twin sister who is doing good and is at home.

Baby's condition is getting stable now, but still she needs oxygen support and special care. The tracheostomy tube implanted on her neck may be blocked with secretion and may cause breathing problem in future. This will take some time until the tracheostomy tube is removed, so the baby has to stay in NICU for another one or two Months.

Insurance Company is not bearing the cost, since the baby has multiple problems by birth. 

What do I plan to do with the funds?

The cost has come to around 25.5 lakhs, and I have already spent more than 18 Lakhs till today, using my personal savings and taking personal loan from banks. I have no money left to spend for medical expenses. Any support from you will save my daughter.


Please feel free to reach out to me or email me if you have any questions.

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9th April 2016

Dear Supporter,

We have received sad news. Prashanth's baby passed away on
4th April. May the little angel's soul rest in peace and may the parents find strength.

Below is a note from Prashanth:

I am deeply saddened to inform you that my baby passed away on Monday (4th April) afternoon at 3.35 PM due to cardiac arrest.

We were very happy that she was back home last Thursday after spending nearly 6 months in the hospital, but the happiness didn't last long.

She had wheezing and vomiting on Sunday evening and we took her to the hospital. After two hours she became fine. Doctors advised us that she should be under observation till the next day and then can be discharged.

The next morning she was doing fine. Doctors informed that she can be taken home or shifted to the ward after receiving the medical reports to check for infections. At around 2.30 PM, she suffered cardiac arrest and passed away.

On 31st March, with your help we cleared the bills and took her home. We are happy that she spent 3 days at home with us. I am forever grateful to you for giving us those 3 days. It wouldn't have been possible without your contribution. Keep her in your prayers and we know she is in a better place now.

Thank you.

Prashanth Kumar
3rd April 2016
Here's an update from Prashanth, the child's father. 

Dear All,

Here's an update. Last week, we shifted our baby from ICU to the ward to see if she can get accustomed to normal conditions. With God's grace, she was able to do so in the ward. We also tried to take her out from Oxygen support slowly for couple of hours while in the ward, and then connect it back in the night.

After reviewing the conditions, doctors advised that the baby is stable  and can be discharged. The baby was discharged on (31/03/2016), but will still need special care at home for couple of months until the Tracheotomy tube is removed from the neck.

We are happy that Twin-I baby is back home for the first time after  after her birth (nearly 6 months), fighting for her life and eagerness to live.

It all happened with all your prayers and generous contribution and of course all the doctors who have used their experience and done their best in treating the baby.

My family and I would like to express our deep gratitude for all your generous support.

Best wishes,
Prashanth Kumar
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