Urgent Appeal To Save Lives of Malnourished Children in Rajasthan

Fighting malnutrition is not as easy as it sounds. It requires, not just feeding these children, or ensuring they get nutrition every day. It involves the big challenge of rehabilitating them as well as their families,” says Richa Sinha from Fight Hunger Foundation.
Baby Mohan (name changed) was acutely malnourished when our team first met him in 2016

Baby Mohan’s case:

When baby Mohan seen in the above picture was detected by the team in a place called Shahbad in Rajasthan, he weighed all of 2 kg, his arms were wasting away and his eyes reflected pain and suffering deep within. He was so malnourished, that he did not even have the energy to cry and whine.
Thankfully, severe malnutrition can be cured. We immediately enrolled baby Mohan into our nutrition program, provided him with energy dense therapeutic food and admitted him in an intensive medical care program.
Our community workers followed up diligently and ensured that he does not return to an under nourished state once again. They counselled his mother on taking care of Mohan’s nutritional needs, helped the family set up a kitchen garden where they could grow green leafy vegetables.
It took Mohan three weeks to recover and today he is healthy, playful and has got the glint back in his eyes.

Baby Mohan from being acute malnourished to a healthy baby

Unfortunately, not every child shares Mohan’s fate, and many of them are never rescued. 

Life in rural Rajasthan can be very harsh due to extreme weather conditions and scarcity of drinking water. Some families have to deal with this reality on a daily basis and migrate to nearby locations in search of a job and income, to keep their kitchen hearth running. However, they continue to live in challenging and unhygienic conditions with unsafe drinking water, little or no healthcare services and in make-shift tents. Triggered by limited availability of nutritious food, their children therefore become extremely vulnerable to disease and occupational health hazards. It is a sad truth that many of them may not reach their fifth birthday, given the severity of malnutrition.
Without any help, they are at an imminent risk of dying.
The onset of summer will see a sharp rise in the number of children becoming malnourished due to the lack of basic needs like drinking water and nutritious food, leading to infections, diarrhoea, sun stroke and ultimately triggering acute malnutrition.

Here’s where Fight Hunger Foundation plays an important role.

“We have emergency relief teams trained and posted in areas that are more likely to be impacted by the heat. Our teams identify children and households that need nourishment. We then categorize the malnutrition as severe, moderate or normal, and based on this analysis ensure they receive care, nutrition rehabilitation, therapy, or even medical attention,” Richa continues.
Over the years, many children in pockets in Rajasthan, MP and Maharashtra, from over 450 villages and 2 slum pockets have been rescued. They have not only been saved from dying of malnutrition, but have also been rehabilitated so that they do not fall prey to it again.

“Of course there are challenges. Malnourishment is cyclic, and goes down generations from mother to child, if they survive. In pockets with such a dire need, we cannot just give them the required ration and leave them to themselves. We are talking about households where there are 4 to 5 children, sometimes more. We cannot just provide them with ration for one child and expect them to not want their other children to also have good food. So we have these nutrition rehabilitation programmes. Now, most of these people are daily wage workers. They cannot afford to miss a week’s pay, and are unable to bring their children here. Under these conditions, our responsibility towards these children increases. We must find better ways to reach them and save them.”

FHF believes that we cannot let our nation’s children die of a curable disease.

Team FHF says, It only takes Rs. 5,000 to provide therapeutic treatment to an acutely malnourished child. Any amount of contribution will go a long way in saving lives. Please come forth and support us to provide a healthy and bright future to our children. Your entire contribution will be used towards our life saving activities in Shahbad, Rajasthan, and we will send you regular updates on the programs. We would love to have you visit these villages and have a first-hand experience of the impact you have helped us make.”

Here is an amazing song by Sonu Nigam for Fight Hunger Foundation:

80 G Certificate
80 G Certificate
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31st October 2017
Greetings from Fight Hunger Foundation!

We would like to thank you immensely for helping us raise Rs.1,75,713/- through this campaign on milaap.org, and providing life-saving treatment to malnourished children in Rajasthan

Thanks to your support and the funds raised, we have successfully screened thousands of children and are already seeing many mothers and children come over for treatment and for attending our community awareness sessions.

You will be happy to know that 35 acutely malnourished children have been enrolled in our program in the past four months and are on their way to recovery benefitting directly from the funds contributed by you. None of this would be possible without your support.

You have been a part of the journey of these families, as we share with you some pictures of children who have recovered.
Our endeavor is to respond to every single severe humanitarian crises. Our cadre of trained experts on the field deliver world-class programs that include detection and treatment of children suffering from acute malnutrition. This is compounded by extensive education to pregnant women, lactating mothers and some men’s groups on health and nutrition.Until we are no longer needed—we will be fighting hunger, working with communities and local partners to build resilience, and doing everything in our power to leave no one behind.

Thank you once again for supporting us in our fight against hunger in Rajasthan.

Please feel free to call us or write to us at vrawat@fighthungerfoundation.org or better still visit us and see for yourself the difference you have made in the community, bringing hope and smiles on their face.

With warm regards,
Team Fight Hunger Foundation
19th June 2017
Dear Friends,

Greetings from Fight Hunger Foundation! We hope you are doing very well.
We are overwhelmed with the response we have received towards contribution of vital funds for providing WASH kits to malnourished children in Rajasthan.
Some of our kind supporters have chosen to remain anonymous. We deeply appreciate your kind gesture and would like to get in touch with you personally. We request you to please write to us at vrawat@fighthungerfoundation.org and we will be thrilled to send you a personal thank you note on behalf of all the children whose lives you have touched.

We have a long way to go when it comes to achieving our goal of not letting even one child die of of malnutrition, yet we are confident that  with your continued support, we can fulfil our objective.
You can help us further by sharing this initiative with your family and friends and building awareness about the unfortunate situation with children in Rajasthan. Please share the following link with your network:
Every donation counts!
Thank you once again for joining our fight to end child hunger in India.
Team Fight Hunger Foundation
28th May 2017
Dear friends,
We are  happy to send you this small update on the malnutrition campaign you have so kindly supported on www.milaap.org.
The entire amount raised by this campaign will go towards providing water, sanitation and hygiene kits to 550 children in Baran district in Rajasthan. The kit contains mosquito nets, water filters, baby oils, chlorine tablets and such other items that will ensure the children are ready to face the harsh summer season.
We thank each of you immensely for the goodwill and support you have shown towards saving lives of malnourished children in Rajasthan. It means a lot to these children, who will receive life-saving treatment thanks to your contributions.

Some of you, our kind supporters on milaap, have chosen to remain anonymous and have not shared your name or email with  us! While we appreciate your choice to remain a silent supporter, we are very eager to connect with you and share with you the progress being made by each child, thanks to your kind gesture. We request you to please write to us at vrawat@fighthungerfoundation.org and we will be thrilled to send you a personal thank you note on behalf of all the children whose lives you have touched.
Once again, a huge thanks to each of you. Do share this link https://milaap.org/fundraisers/savelivesinrajasthan  with your family and friends and help us raise vital funds for the children  of our country.
With warm regards,
Team Fight Hunger Foundation
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