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#SaveElephants Campaign & Petition Of FFAR India- Donate Today!
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#SaveElephants Campaign and petition Fundraiser of FFAR India
We still don't have a sponsor as yet to fund our campaign and petition.
We are hence crowd funding this.
Do donate generously whatever little or more you can.
We have raised Rs.50,000- already for this fundraiser through:
Mr  Chandra: Rs.2000/-
Mrs Chandra: Rs.2000/-
Ms. Pinki ji: Rs. 1000/-
HUF1: Rs.2000/-
Mr Sunil bhai: Rs.1000/-
Anonymous: Rs.42,000/-

Rs.50,000/- funds have helped us now to cross the first threshold to take this matter to the Court, draft and file it and have it listed for the admission and notice hearing, just to cover our basic costs so we are not incurring losses.
However such litigation runs for average 2-3 years with 5-7 hearing every year which all incur costs in terms of lawyer fee and overheads. We are thus doing this fund raiser to crowd fund the same costs so we are not incurring losses and at the same time ensuring that our Elephants get their day in Court and their fight for justice can continue. These costs amount to approximately Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lakhs) annually ball park just to meet our costs.
We are still Rs.1,50,000/- INR short of the first threshold. You are all requested to donate generously so that we can reach Rs.200,000/- mark and be in a position to continue this fight for our Elephants atleast for a year, before we again have to raise funds for the next year for this petition and cause from our end. Donate generously, many thanks!
~Anupam Tripathi
FFAR India
Fight for Animal Rights, India
(A non profit Trust working for Social causes, Environmental causes and for protection and enforcement of Animal rights in India)
*All donations made to FFAR India by donors in India and those who file their taxes in India have upto 50 percent tax benefits as FFAR India is a sec 12AA and Sec 80G Income Tax Act recognized 100 percent charity.

About #SaveElephants Campaign and Petition:

Back in the 1900s, there were more than One lakh elephants in the wild in India. Owing to the high demand for ivory, elephants were being poached for their tusks- left, right and center resulting in a sharp decline in the elephant population in the wild. Eventually, in 1972, the Wildlife Protection Act was passed to punish the hunters, yet poaching was rampant. In the year 1989, the elephant population in the wild in India fell to an abysmal Nineteen Thousand (19,000) only. Project Elephant was started in the year 1992 to correct this situation. It had a positive impact also coupled with the fact that internationally there was more awareness against ivory trade, which now is banned across most countries. However, at the time the Chandan and Elephant devil- Veerappan’s terror was rampant in the 90’s in India, killing thousands of male tuskers.

In the year 2013, post the death of the Chandan and Elephant Devil Veerappan, the Elephant population increased to 30,000 odd in the wild. However,the year 2017 this has seen a decline to 27,500 rather than a steady increase owing to reasons not anymore limited to poaching but for various reasons which are very much controllable if steps are taken in that direction. The elephants in the wild today are primarily dying at the rate of 80-100 annually owing to:
i. Electrocution due to sagging power lines;
ii. Electrocution by wires connected to power lines used illegally by farmers to protect their crops;
iii. Train accidents;
iv. Road kills by trucks;
v. Poaching.

India continues to loose 80—100 elephants each year, that’s 2 elephants every week in the wild, and nothing is being done about that to stop it.
Owing to the rampant poaching in the earlier years which took lives of male tuskers who the poachers were targeting, the sex ratio in elephants today is so alarmingly extreme that you would be shocked to learn that in every 10 female elephants there’s only 1 male elephant left today in the wild in India. In other words, of the 27 500 odd elephants in the wild, it is estimated that there are only 2,500 male tuskers remaining.

Interestingly, owing to a ban across the world on ivory trade, in the underground and illegal market, the demand for a pair of elephant tusks fetches upwards of 1,40,000/- US dollars, in other words well over a Crore of Rupees. This coupled with the fact that India has a lot of poverty and there is some corruption as well, you can imagine why we are losing our male tuskers (male elephants with ivory tusks) owing to poaching. 

My NGO i.e. Fight for Animal Rights (FFAR) India, which specializes in impacting social, environmental and animal rights issues through high impact lawsuits by way of petitions and PILs in the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court and National Green Tribunal at New Delhi has now decided after months of research and study of the elephant situation in India to petition the Hon’ble NGT which currently has a very favorable bench, to save our elephants in the wild and correct the abysmal situation facing them and eventually pass directions and guidelines going forward so that this decline in our elephant population can be contained and our elephants can be protected and conserved.

Some of the great work done by Anupam Tripathi of FFAR India in the recent past is shared in the links below, just so you can cross check how authentic and real we are and the fabulous work we do for social causes, environmental causes and animal rights causes. We like to let our work do the talking with your generous donations and contributions.Hope you like it:
























The above list is for illustrative purpose only and by no means exhaustive.

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