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Save Ecosystem - Save Our Future
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Humans have destroyed the environment and the ecosystem by polluting the earth beyond its limit, causing irreversible damage already. In the future, we will have difficulties even to breathe the air because of the contaminated air. Most parts of the earth will be unlivable because of land, air and water pollution.

We need to stop this now for a better future, we need to act now to save our future. Using renewable energy and driving electric cars will not be enough.

Anthropogenic waste is everywhere in the world. The recycling rate across the world on average is only 22 percent. If we can’t recycle the waste what we create then why we are using it to destroy our mother earth? We humans also part of an ecosystem , we are digging our own grave risking all other spices on earth by polluting earth beyond its limit. We, humans, are the only species with self-awareness, knowledge, wisdom on earth, but also the most stupid, arrogant and selfish species. Humans have become super intelligent among other spices, is it just to destroy ecosystem eventually to destroy everything on earth. We are too busy in earning money, neglecting balance of ecosystem on earth. Is it not our duty to save this world from where we have pushed it to destroying its ecosystem. Planet Earth has lost more than half of its trees since humans first started cutting them down.

Deforestation, and especially the destruction of rainforests, is a major significant contributor to climate change.

In India, more than 60 million tonnes of waste is generated annually. More than 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste every day, out of which 6,000 tonnes remain in a litter. Only 75-80% of the waste generated in India is collected by municipal bodies. Out of collected waste, only around 30 percent is treated and the remaining 70 percent is disposed of at dump sites. We cannot be disposed most of our garbage at dump sites all the time. This way dump sites will be increased in size and numbers in future, the earth will be full of dump sites. The only solution is to recycle everything at the source. We must recycle up to 100 percent, to save our future and the ecosystem on earth.

Our mission is to save our earth, our future by saving ecosystem which is collapsing day by day by human activities. We will take all possible steps to save our ecosystem. Awareness of people, working together with all local and international organization, Govt and NGOs. We will take different initiatives, all kind of existing models and implement innovative ideas to succeed the main goal-saving our Eco-system.

We are group of people in Bangalore, India. Soon we will register as NGO. We aim to work together with local, national and global organizations and Govt for making the world better for the future.

Our major goal will be working together with as many people to save Ecosystem by working on three areas
  1. Recycling everything to stop polluting our world.
  2. Planting trees wherever possible, protecting and creating more forest cover.
  3. Helping world for shifting towards renewable energy.

Our few future projects are as below

Recycle Your Own Garbage
We are starting a campaign called "Recycle your own garbage". Our goal is for each and every person on earth who is responsible for polluting earth by following an unsustainable lifestyle to understand the importance of recycling waste generated as an outcome of their daily consumption. We all must work together to achieve 100 percent recycling of the waste we are creating daily. Companies like Coca-Cola, Redbull, Procter & Gamble, Amazon, Alibaba are packaging their products using plastic, glass, aluminum etc., but they never focus on 100 percent recycling of the waste generated from the packaging of their products. We will work with all companies and the government to make sure we achieve a 100 percent recycling rate.

Building a Solid Waste and Wastewater Treatment Plant
We must protect our river and ocean getting polluted by human waste for healthy eco-system on earth. Until we achieve 100 percent recycle rate at the source, human waste must stop at drainage level to protect our water channel, river, and ocean. This can be done by building solid wastegate before drainage water entering in water channel or river. The solid Waste gate can collect solid waste from drainage and it can send waste to recycling factories. With a bigger budget, we can build Wastewater treatment plant(WWTP), where pollutants municipal wastewater (households and small industries) are removed, can be reused based on treatment decision.

Set Target For Planting Tree
As humans already destroyed more than 50 percent trees from earth, it is our duty to bring back to 100 percent trees on earth to reduce air pollution and greenhouse effect in future. The set target of average minimum 1 tree in a month. Anyone can plant as many possible trees as you can, one can plant 12 plants for a year or 1000 plant for a lifetime. We will coordinate with local team provide you all nursery plant and guidance on how to plant and nurturing. We will continuously keep in touch with you for any support and outcome report periodically. You need to look after your trees to grow up until it becomes self-sustained.

Barren Wasteland To Forest
With the inspiration from Jadav Payeng, who turned 1,360 acres / 550 hectares of sandbar of the river, a barren wasteland into the forest. The forest, called Molai forest after him, is located on Majuli Island, Jorhat district, Assam, India. We must create a forest out of barren wasteland around the world for our future, to save our eco-system. We must together identify the barren wasteland around us and create a forest. Reforestation is the only solution to deforestation. Reforestation can be used to rectify or improve the quality of human life by soaking up pollution and dust from the air, rebuild natural habitats and ecosystems, mitigate global warming since forests facilitate biosequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Our future depends on the action taken in the present. Anyone interested can work with us as part time volunteer, in the time during which you are available. Whoever wants to work particular days, weekly or monthly can register as a part-time volunteer. Salary will be paid according to their job designation of full timers. Core team membership will be given to those who can help the organization with their skills and knowledge.

Kindly login to and register as volunteer.

With all our volunteers and members we will plan what are the projects we can implement with raised money with full transparency. We shall keep update to our each donor on status and progress of our work.

Projected Fund Utilization (₹ Lakhs)
Admin and office: 5
Website and App development: 10
Set Target For Planting Tree: 5
Barren Wasteland To Forest: 5
Recycle Your Own Garbage: 5
Building a Solid Waste and Wastewater Treatment Plant: 10

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