How will we save our son when no one is willing to offer a loan to us?

2-year-old Deepanshu has been suffering from a critical heart condition since his birth. Due to the condition, the oxygen supply to the brain suffered and the child had to face difficulty in breathing. Since last two years, the child is unable to sleep peacefully and constantly cries when he tries to sleep. The low oxygen supply also lead to the child turning blue. It has been also diagnosed that the child also has two holes in his heart.
The parents, Sanjay, a tailor and Parveen, a housewife somehow did arrange 2.5 lakhs to ensure the child is relieved from an acute supply of oxygen and get a stent implant. 

However, since they are already in debt of 2.5 lakhs no one is willing to lend them money for Deepanshu's next surgery scheduled to fix the holes in the heart.

The parents are in dire need of funds and the only way for them to raise funds for Deepanshu's treatment is through your support.

Please come forward to save the child.

Raising a child with a heart condition has its own challenges

"Every child is dear to the parents, we never wanted our child to be like this" - Parveen - Deepanshu's mother

Parveen mentions how difficult it has been for them to raise a child with a heart problem, a critical heart condition also makes Deepanshu's growth stunted. It has been hard arranging funds for his treatment, since their family extremely limited source of income.

Deepanshu has two elder brothers Jatin, 10 yrs and Tarun 7. He cannot play with them since he goes out of breath after 10 minutes of continuous work.
He very frequently turns blue due to the shortage of supply of oxygen to and from his brain. 

The family has already reached out to all the relatives of Deepanshu including for the first surgery and now it is difficult for the family to arrange funds with in the family.

Why should you contribute?

Deepanshu's father earns 6 to 8 thousand rupees by stitching clothes depending on the orders, the parents are already in debt of 2.5 lakh rupees, which they had taken from friends and family.

"No one wants to lend us anymore even if it is to save our child. Arranging 50 thousand is possible but we have been trying since last 5-6 months to find someone who could lend us money for his surgery. However, all of our efforts have gone in vain"

"We have even contacted the district collector of Bhiwani to forward our application for the CM funds but there is no clarity as to when will we get funds."

"We just want to save our child through any means even if we are able to arrange money for the surgery and get the cm funds later we are more than happy to donate that money to help someone else's child."

"I pray to god that my child gets discharged after 10 days of his surgery, since the surgery includes 10-day rehabilitation package. If he stays longer it will difficult for us to arrange more money to settle the hospital bills." says Parveen

The family needs approx 2.5 lakhs for the surgery. Your contribution is the only way to get the surgery swiftly done please come forward in supporting Deepanshu.
Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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23rd April 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you so much for your tremendous love and support.

I feel very happy to inform you all that the last surgery was successful. He's doing better now. The next surgery to be done is to block the hole in his heart. He is currently on medication and is responding well to the treatment. He's stable.

However, he is still weak and is unable to play and do things that a normal kid of his age would. He's also advised to not exert too much considering his health at present.

The doctors are expecting to perform the surgery sometime next month. We are we all hopeful about his speedy recovery. Please keep supporting us and praying the little kid.


10th August 2017

Dear Donor's,

Today Deepanshu came in our free OPD for follow up. He is gaining weight which will helpful for his speedy recovery after surgery. Treating doctor gave us 2 more months to arrange funds for his surgery.

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