2 Year-Old Girl Who Ingested Acid Needs Your Urgent Help

Aaesha is resident of Madarihat (West Bengal). She just celebrated her second birthday a day before this incident happened. On an unfortunate morning (at around 11.30 am), her mother took her to Shyama Jewelers a local jewelry shop nearby their place to buy a small birthday present for her beloved little girl. At the jewelry shop, the acid that they usually utilize for the cleaning and melting the jewelry items kept neglected went in the hands of little Aaesha who was completely unaware of its corrosive properties. She consumed it.

She was immediately taken to a local hospital, Birpara State Govt hospital referred Madarihat which had again referred the girl child to Neotia Getwel Hospital in Siliguri district for further treatment and was finally admitted at 4:40 pm afternoon on the 17th December 2017. There she underwent first surgery on 21st December. The pediatric surgeon Dr. Manish Madhav at Neotia Getwel Hospital treated the child patient since the day of admission to the hospital. The medical procedures and tests performed at the hospital obtained by the gentleman Mr. Warpreet Singh Hora who reported us of the case are mentioned along.

The father of the surviving infant, Hiru Paneru (Sharma) is a small-time salesman running livelihood at some meager earnings of five thousand a month. It was very difficult for him to arrange this kind of expenses for the medical recovery of his girlchild. However, he arranged the maximum possible funds he could find to pay for the hospital expenses in Siliguri from the goodwill of his relatives and friends.When her father reached his marginal limit and had no more money, he agreed to take her daughter home as he was left with no other alternative. At their residence, the chances of infections in such case are probable and it could also be fatal to Aaesha. It was at this last moment Warpreet came across the concerned case and sought to find some help for her. He contacted us over the email sharing her pictures and other relevant information.

The family needs immediate financial support to continue the medical treatment. Unlike any case of acid violence when sometimes the government compensates and supports the treatment of the survivor, this case of Aaesha doesn’t seem to find that kind of help. The doctor at the previous hospital addressed that her life can definitely be saved unless she receives adequate treatment for the recovery. Looking forward to medical treatments in the hospital in Delhi, there is much possibility that she could recover well.

While there is hope for Aaesha, we request you to look at the case emotionally, expect your kind support for the funds that could meet the expenses for her medical recovery and the baby can be saved.
Bill from the hospital in her local district
Bill from the hospital in her local district
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10th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your tremendous love and support. This means a lot to us.

Aaesha is currently doing well and the regular medical process is on. The doctors are currently working on improving her digestion and she visits the doctor once every week. She is showing improvement and we are all hopeful about her recovery.

Thank you everyone. We couldn't have imagined doing this without you.
17th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your love and support. This couldn't have been possible without you.

It gives us immense pleasure in informing you all that Aaesha is now doing well. The surgery that she underwent wherein her stomach was treated, is taking some time for her body to accept the changes. She is required to visit the doctor once a week. She is still undergoing treatment to help her body get accustomed to the changes and function normally. The treatment is likely to continue for another three to four weeks.

Otherwise, she is doing well and is active now. Thank you everyone for being so supportive. We shall keep you posted.
27th May 2018

Dear friends,
Aayesha is going through regular surgical recovery. She has to go through minor surgery in every 7-10 days. She is facing some problems in digestion. In simple words I can explain it as the doctors say that they have put some pipe kind of thing in her stomach replacing the organ which was harmed due to acid. She is facing problems as after surgery this pipe is getting some blockages. She sometimes suffers acute pain in her stomach. Otherwise she is doing fine and having a good time at our Sheroes Home for acid survivors in Noida.

We are hopeful for her recovery and good health. As scheduled she goes to the hospital this week. We will keep you updated of her. Please keep supporting. We are always grateful to your kindness.

Thank you.
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