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Make 9-Month-Old Shrinika Fight Cancer.

Dear friends and well wishers, 

My name is Rajarajan, relative of Paneerselvam. I have created this campaign on behalf of him.

She was the bundle of joy filling the house with her gurgles and giggles until recently when she was diagnosed of cancer. Life sometimes is unjust and harsh. It pained me to see the anguish this baby girl was going through for no fault of hers. And through your support, we can make her smile again and live a beautiful life like us. 

How You Help Shrinika

This is an earnest request to urge you to save the life of Shrinika, a 9 month old baby girl who has been diagnosed with Lymphoma ( Lymphoma is a form of cancer that affects the immune system - specifically, it is a cancer of immune cells called lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell. ).This family hails from a low-income background and do not have the means to spend for the treatment. 

The father is a daily wager, who has not been able to go to work due to the hospitalization of his child. The cost of the initial phase of the treatment costs 3 Lakhs and the estimated total cost of the treatment comes to over 10 Lakhs. The details of the treatment and the hospital records are attached for you. 

Kindly contribute to help save the life of this innocent child who has a long way to go in her life. Whatever you can donate will be welcomed and received with deep appreciation for your support.

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8th August 2016
Dear Supporters,

I am Sudhakar, a Milaap Open fellow in  Bengaluru. I met Shrinika and her parents on 25th July, Monday at Apollo Specialty Hospital, Anna Salai, Chennai. She underwent her last chemotherapy session of the 1st protocol between 17th - 20th July. 

Lymphoma is a very rare disease at her age. Shrinika was first taken to CMC hospital in the month of May, where the treatment was not possible because of lack of facilities. Shrinika was admitted to Apollo Specialty Hospital on 2nd June. Shrinika’s father, Paneerselvam said,  “The doctors have said that the MRI scan taken at the end of the 1st protocol shows that the cyst has reduced by 75%.” There are 5 more months of treatment pending. 1 protocol is approximately equivalent to 1 month of treatment. 

Shrinika will celebrate her 1st birthday, 2 months from now, on  28th September. Shrinika’s mother, Kanmani, is a homemaker. She said, “Thanks to all the contributors of  her campaign on Milaap. Words are not sufficient to express our gratitude.”

Paneerselvam added by saying, “My outlook about life has changed after experiencing the generosity of the contributors. Once I am back on my feet and start earning again, I will make sure I will donate a portion of my income to those who are in need.”

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