"I'm Afraid I'll Die" Says Mother of Two With a Tumor in Her Heart

"Manimegalai keeps my heart beating. My wife is my lifeline, and when I heard that her heart may stop anytime, I could not breathe. Even now, I watch her every minute hoping she would not faint like she did that day."

30-year-old Manimegalai is a strong mother of two and a loving wife. She has been healthy all her life until she lost consciousness last Tuesday. She has been diagnosed with a tumor in her heart. She has lost sight in her left eye and is having pain as well as numbness in her right leg. Mani needs an urgent surgery to remove the tumor before it gets worse.

It was a normal day until Manimegalai went frantic, unable to speak

She was going by the day like any other, sent the children to school and was taking care of the house but she suddenly felt dizzy. Before she knew it, she could not say a word. She could not call for help and fell unconscious. The family found her, splashed water and woke her. They rushed her to the nearest hospital.

"She was unconscious for a day. Got better by day 3, but she could not see through her left eye. She was not even able to walk. Mani said her right leg was numb. We were scared beyond wits."

They consulted several doctors only to know that she had a tumor in her heart

First, the family went to have her eyes checked. Then they were sent to the neurologist. Like this, Mani went to several known and referred doctors. In the end, all tests showed that the problem was not in her brain, but really in her heart.

"I wondered how something in the heart could be causing such a horrible problem, that too so soon. The doctor said it is quite common - left atrial myxoma - and the symptoms may even go unnoticed until it becomes serious."

Her husband has tried everything he could to arrange money on time

Sekar, Manimegalai's husband has been trying to reach out everyone he knows for support but in vain. The open heart surgery to remove the tumor will cost Rs. 2 lakhs. He is a textile merchant who gets a maximum of Rs. 10,000/month, and there is not much left to save.

"My husband is doing his best, taking care of the kids, home and me. The kids don't know that it is serious. None of them can get by without me. I am scared. I want to live. I just wish I can make it out alive." - Manimegalai.

How you can help

Manimegalai is still in shock and worried that she might not survive if the funds are not in place. Our support will help this struggling family.

Funds raised through this campaign will be utilized for Manimegalai's heart surgery.
Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
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6th September 2017

Dear Supporters,

These are some photos of Manimegalai in the hospital after the surgery... she is recovering well.

Thanks to all of you, we've been able to raise around 63,000 towards the medical expenses against the. We will be waiving some of the costs - but we still need to raise another Rs 90,000 to cover for her surgery and post-surgery treatment. Request all of you to share this and encourage others to support her.

Dr Kailash A Jain
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May the almighty save this wonderful human being