I am fundraising for Harisudhan's bone-marrow transplant

Why am I fundraising?

Since he was three, he frequently suffered from fever. We did many medical examinations. But we could not identify the reason. He missed a whole academic year (2011-2012) due to being unwell.

One of my brother referred us to Dr ASWATH, COIMBATORE. That doctor examined his complete medical history and looked at the medical reports from at KMCH, Coimbatore. He directed us to Oncology & Haematology Dept., CMC Hospital, Vellore.

We went to Vellore and conducted more tests. We were told that our child had 'THALASSEMIA'.

Our doctor in Coimbatore advised to us, take regular treatment for this disease and told us that Harisudhan would become seriously ill if we did not get blood transfusions. We live in Madurai, so we were referred to Dr. JAYABOSE, Paediatrics Oncology Dept., Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai.

Since then 2012, we go to Meenakshi Mission Hospital, for the regular blood transfusions twice a month.

Two months back, we were given some hope for our son's situation. The doctor told us we could opt for a bone-marrow transplant for Harisudhan. Last September, samples from my elder daughter were sent to New York, US., to check for compatibility. In 15 days, we learnt that she was a good match as a bone-marrow donor. We truly felt blessed by God.

Now the doctors are ready to proceed with the transplant. Unfortunately, I am unable to bear the expenses of this transplant (Rs. 10 lakhs) and the post transplant expenses (approxmately Rs. 5 lakhs).

As per the doctor's advise, the patient needs to stay in isolation & take regular checkups for the next 90 days.   

So I kindly request that amount from charitable donors.


What do I plan to do with the funds?

I want to get bone-marrow transplant treatment for Harisudhan.  Please find the estimation letter from the hospital below

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Ask for an update
9th March 2017
Dear Supporters,

Greetings to all!

Now Harisudhan has crossed 365 days.
His reports show a good sign.
He started his school in January 2017 :) . The Doctor now has changed his review cycle. Earlier we took him to the hospital every 15 days. Now Doctor has advised for monthly  once.

With your valuable support, prayers and blessings, Harisudhan is recovering Fast.

He would come back to normal life, very shortly. We are very thankful for the support.

4th July 2016
Dear Supporters,

Greetings to all...

Now Harisudhan crossed 115 days....
His reports shows in good sign.....
Now he is in home only... Doctor advised to send to school by January 2017 based on his recovering... 
Now Doctor changed his review cycle..... earlier we took to hospital by every week. Now Doctor advised for every 10 days once.
With your valuable support, prayers and blessings, Harisudhan is recovering Fast. He would be come normal life very shortly. We are very thankful for the support.
13th April 2016
Dear Supporters,

Warm Greetings....

With your valuable support, prayers and blessings, Harisudhan is recovering Fast. He would be discharged shortly. We are very thankful for the  support.

Now I submit  another request /obligation to your feet.

I have been staying for more than 40 days in the hospital (Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai) during  my son’s treatment, you might be aware of this.
At that time I discussed / interacted with hospital social workers. I came to know, here more than 60 children were affected with very serious illness and they are not able to conduct routine checkups and cannot proceed further due to very poor economic status.

Really I am not fully happy with my son Hari Sudan's health recovery. As, I am also worried about the other kids. Really it's very pathetic & sad situation.
I don’t want to be a selfish man. I would like to help, the way I was helped through donations made on Milaap.

Therefore, I discussed with our pediatric oncology & hematology department regarding  Milaap services . Doctors and other team members in the department are keen to help the poor children.
So we plan to fund raise for the poor patients for their treatments through Milaap.

I will send a link, whenever the Milaap team upload the patients  details, you please support and share to your circle.
If you feel I am disturbing, please forgive me. My motto is to get timely help for all affected children like my son got. If your position is unable to donate, please share your contacts. Someone may donate from your contact's list.... 


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S.sivakumar donated Rs.500
over 1 year ago

My daughter 60 days only. She was got same problem doctor's says bone marrow transplant only one solution. So God bless you boy

Sidhant donated Rs.1,000
over 1 year ago

God bless him

Anonymous donated Rs.500
over 2 years ago
Anonymous donated Rs.500
over 2 years ago
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